Anema e Core Taverna - Capri

Nightlife in Capri - Via Sella Orta, 39/e
Anema e Core Taverna
Anema e Core Taverna
Anema e Core Taverna
Anema e Core Taverna
+39 081 8376461

  1. The most famous nightclub on the island
  2. Authentic island entertainment and vibe
  3. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere

Why choose Anema e Core Taverna in Capri

In the heart of Capri; on a street packed with tourists and islanders; there is a somewhat insignificant entrance which might easily be missed by those passing by. It's hard to believe that beyond this unassuming exterior lies the island's best-known and most-loved night club - and the favorite hangout of popstars, politicians, highflying managers, television presenters, philosophers, top models, and even royals.

The Most Famous Night Club on Capri

The night belongs to Guido Lembo, the unchallenged lord of Capri, a sorcerer who bewitches the island from midnight until the break of day with the sound of Neapolitan music and who has been known to transform uptight politicians into sighing crooners and persuade even the most inhibited to loose themselves in exotic dance.

"anema e core" is the local dialect for soul and heart, and here guests have their heart and soul lifted by the lighthearted music, dancing, and easy smiles of the staff and guests.

Guido is the ironic and festive master of ceremonies, leading his band is a live set that mixes genres and periods so every musical taste can be satisfied!

There is no dress code or bouncer at the door, so anyone who wants to spend an evening in the company of Guido and his band can have the time of their life. For more than 20 years, locals, tourists, and international stars have been mixing it up on the same dance floor. The music is a spontaneous and fun mix, and the key to the success of this traditional "taverna" that has become a local landmark over the years.

Order from a large selection of drinks and cocktails, or a bottle of bubbly or fine wine from the cellar.

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In the center of Capri


Anema e Core Taverna
Nightlife in Capri - Via Sella Orta, 39/e
+39 081 8376461

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