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Capri Gloves Capri

For your hands only

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Via Roma, 91 - Capri
Capri Gloves Fashion Capri

Capri Gloves - For your hands only

  • The Neapolitan glove-making tradition of Fratelli Forino
  • Exclusive leathers
  • Hand-sewn quality

Capri Gloves

+39 347 3903173


by Capri Gloves

Famiglia Forino


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Capri Gloves - Capri

Ever since 1899, the year when they opened their first shop in Naples, the Forino family has been producing beautiful, artisan-made leather gloves.
After opening a branch in Venice, it was only a question of time before the family opened a store on the island of Capri...

Fashionable fingers

Veritable works of art, each and every pair of gloves produced by this small company is the result of an inimitable combination of the finest Italian leather, rigorous craftsmanship and ceaseless creativity.

Casual, chic, trendy, elegant: whatever your style, Capri Gloves has the perfect pair of artisan-crafted gloves for you

Handfuls of passion

Capri Gloves' colorful store, located within meters of the Piazzetta, is the fruit of three generations of passion and professionalism.
Whether you're looking for a pair of gloves for an elegant evening event or for everyday use, for yourself or for that special someone, Capri Gloves is the place to find them.

Capri Gloves: our products

Capri gloves dalmata

€ 200

Handcrafted gloves. Made of leather and pony hair and lined in cachemire.

Multicolor Capri Gloves

€ 150

Suede gloves , entirely handmade , multicolored with inside in Cashmere

Capri gloves for man

€ 130

Lambskin fabric and spandex gloves.Handmade in Italy.Cachemire lining.

Capri gloves for man

€ 165

Lambskin handmade gloves. Twisted strings on top and decorative button. Lined with cachemire.

Laminated Capri Gloves

€ 230

Laminated leather gloves for woman. Handcrafted in Italy. Lined in cachemire.

Piazzetta Capri gloves

€ 150

Lambskin gloves.Handmade in Italy. Representation of the famous clock situated in the "Piazzetta" of Capri. Lined with cachemire.

Capri Gloves: Location

Only one hundred meters away from the Piazzetta, Capri Gloves' shop is located right in the very heart of the historic center of Capri.

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