Capri Online - "Settembrata Anacaprese"

"Settembrata Anacaprese" Map

Capri Online - "Settembrata Anacaprese"

From 28 August 2019 to 1 September 2019 Along the streets in the historic center of Anacapri

Free event

"Settembrata Anacaprese"

A Celebration of Local Culture and Cuisine in Anacapri

The "Settembrata Anacaprese" is an annual festival held at the end of the summer in Anacapri.

The festival lasts a number of days, and centers around a competition between the four historic quarters of the town: La Porta, Le Boffe, Le Pietre, and Le Stalle.

Each year a theme is announced, and the quarters compete in the preparation of food, decorations, historic costumes, and procession floats according to theme.

For more information:

  • Procession with floats along the streets of Anacapri
  • A themed food walk with samples of dishes in each of the 4 quarters
  • Sporting events
  • Artisan market
  • Art exhibits including artists from Capri
  • Treasure hunt
  • Entertainment for children
  • Concerts and shows
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