Capri Philosophical Park Museums Anacapri

Capri Philosophical Park Anacapri

A Philosophical Retreat along the Migliera Path.

Via Migliara - Anacapri
Capri Philosophical Park Museums Anacapri

Capri Philosophical Park - A Philosophical Retreat along the Migliera Path.

  1. Relax and meditate just a short walk from the lighthouse
  2. Meander shady paths and take in sweeping views
  3. Ponder the aphorisms lining the walking trail

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Capri Philosophical Park - Anacapri

The Capri Philosophical Park is a unique retreat from the bustle of Capri. Tucked into a bucolic golden and rose-hued Mediterranean wood just a short walk from the Punta Carena lighthouse along the Migliera path, the park is the brainchild of the Swedish Professor Gunnar Adler-Karlsson, who built this spot for the Island of Capri as a token of his deep affection for the island and its people. Adler-Karlsson believes that when one loves a land, one is committed to improve it...and so he has.

Most of the flora in the park is left to grow wild, and among the brush and trees visitors are able to relax immersed in nature and reflect on the aphorisms painted on tiles displayed throughout the park.

The park and Adler-Karlsson are symbiotic: when on Capri, the professor resides in the adjacent house and often visitors are able to meet and converse with him. These conversations, against the background of sweeping seagulls flying low over the parkland, are as unforgettable as the park itself.

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(Photo by Raffaele Mastroianni)

Capri Philosophical Park: Location

Once you have arrived on Capri, take the bus for Anacapri to the end of the line (the final stop is after Piazza Caprile). From here, continue of foot toward the Belvedere di Migliara where the park is located. It's about a half an hour walk.

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