Capri Pride Sandals Fashion Capri

Capri Pride Sandals Capri

Handmade jewelled sandals for an island look anywhere!

Via Truglio, 24 - Capri
Capri Pride Sandals Fashion Capri

Capri Pride Sandals - Handmade jewelled sandals for an island look anywhere!

  1. Customize your handmade sandals in ten minutes
  2. Bring the style and elegance of Capri home with you
  3. High quality materials and workmanship that last

Capri Pride Sandals

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Capri Pride Sandals - Capri

One of the most iconic island fashions from chic Capri are Caprese sandals, handmade in the island's traditional artisan workshops and worn night and day by locals and visitors to the island. The perfect touch for both informal days on the coast and elegant gala events, Capri's sandals have been a symbol of style and elegance since Jackie Kennedy began sporting them in the 1960's. These simple sandals are true works of art, made with the skill of over two centuries of artisan experience.

Guaranteed Quality and Style from Capri

Capri Pride has been making sandals with the highest quality materials since the 1950's, including hand-sewn straps of Tuscan leather, which are decorated with pretty decorative beading and accessories from crystal, coral, semi-precious stones, and beads. More than mere sandals, these are jewels for the feet!

Capri Pride is the only boutique on Capri where you can personalize your sandals in just ten minutes, by choosing the type and color of the leather, the style, and the decorative accessories!

Capri Pride has been using the same traditional workmanship and creativity in their sandals for the past 60 years, producing high quality sandals that last combined with the latest trends and styles. Customize your sandals today and bring the elegance and style of Capri with you wherever you go!

Capri Pride Sandals: Location

The Capri Pride boutique is located on Via Truglio, near the marina in Marina Grande.

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