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Capri Tours & Excursions Travel agencies Capri

Capri and surroundings tours

Capri Tours & Excursions - Capri and surroundings tours

  1. Personalized and group excursions on Capri and beyond
  2. Day trips to Naples and Pompeii
  3. Itineraries to the destinations along the Amalfi Coast

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Contact Capri Tours & Excursions directly

Contact Capri Tours & Excursions directly

Capri Tours & Excursions - Capri

Capri Tours & Excursions is the tour and excursion specialist operating under the umbrella group of Capri Eventi. The collaboration with highly experienced and professional partners enables this dynamic and customer service orientated organization to create highly personalized individual and group tours, accompanying visitors on a series of fabulous journeys discovering the most beautiful localities within the region.
A sample of some of the excursions on offer:

Capri: the air laced with the scent of island flowers and lemon trees, spectacularly beautiful scenery, numerous signs of a truly ancient past and a deeply pervasive sensation of tranquility. A magical island which has become a living legend.

Naples: the number of fascinating excursions to be made through this vibrant and ceaselessly energetic southern Italian city is endless: from a tour through the historic center to the underground city of Naples, from the Cloisters of St Chiara to St Gregorio Armeno, from Spaccanapoli to the Museum of Capodimonte and much, much more...

Pompei: the ruins of Pompei, the city buried under the ashes of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and resurrected thanks to an expert excavation and restoration project, represents perhaps the most important archaeological site in the whole world.

Positano and Amalfi Coast: truly unforgettable journeys passing through the dramatic scenery and enchanting cliff edge towns which have gained the Amalfi Coast world wide fame.

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