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Via Fuorlovado, 36

A tasty transformation...

  1. Past and contemporary design fusion
  2. Book the round table in the heart of the restaurant and feel like King Arthur
  3. A gourmet journey through taste from the 50s to the present day

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Lunch 12pm - 5pm | Dinner 7pm - 11pm

Open daily

Closing period

from 20 October 2024 to 1 April 2025


Via Fuorlovado, 36 - Capri
  • info@damorecapri.com
  • damorecapri.com
  • +39 081 8370665

At first sight, you'd be mistaken for thinking that Ristorante D'Amore was a brand new entry on Capri's culinary scene. In reality, this little restaurant at the end of Via delle Botteghe, just a few meters away from the Piazzetta, has been here for years: only with a different name (Il Sollievo), a different chef and a dramatically different interior design.

Transformations of taste, in Capri

It was the owner, Ernesto D'Amore, who decided to give his much-loved restaurant a radical make-over, and transform the traditional eatery into a fabulous retro-chic restaurant, reminiscent of Capri's Golden Age.

In the main dining room and on the terrace, exquisite items of vintage and contemporary design create an intriguing juxtaposition of past and present, the Capri of the 1950's and the Capri of the future.

Past and present on your plate

D'Amore's menu takes clients from Capri to Naples and beyond on an epicurean exploration of the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean.

Whilst traditionalists will no doubt opt for one of the classic island dishes, the more adventurous of gourmands will love the chef's contemporary creations - all of which look as good as they taste!

Opening times
Lunch: 12.30 pm - 3.00 pm
Dinner: 7.00 pm - 12.00 am

Closure days:
Open 7 days a week. Close from November to Easter

Guest reviews


The Best

25 October 2023

In my opinion, there is no finer restaurant in Capri. I have gone here every year I have come and D'Amore always pleases. The food is amazin... more »


Best gastronomic experience in Capri

5 September 2023

I am not a tourist in Capri, and I am here every summer since I was born. Owning a luxury concierge in Italy, I have dined in many fancy Italian r... more »


Would return in a heart beat

14 August 2023

This is pretty much the only restaurant I would consider returning to if I made it to Capri again. The staff, the food, the ambiance were outstandi... more »


Great gluten free options- marvelous food!

2 August 2023

Excellent food! Great gluten free dishes/options! The pasta with chamomille was to die for! The staff and chef was super helpful and kind! Great e... more »


Just a few meters lie between Ristorante D'Amore and the Piazzetta. A leisurely stroll along the picturesque Via delle Botteghe, in the historic center of Capri, is all it takes to reach the restaurant from the island's legendary little square.

Via Fuorlovado, 36 - Capri

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