da Gelsomina Migliera - Anacapri

Bathing Establishments in Anacapri
Via Migliara, 72
da Gelsomina Migliera
da Gelsomina Migliera
da Gelsomina Migliera
da Gelsomina Migliera
da Gelsomina Migliera

The pool with the most enchanting views of the sea on Capri

  1. A hidden spot in the heart of Capri
  2. A swimming pool near the Migliera scenic overlook, the prettiest view on Capri
  3. Traditional island specialties in the excellent restaurant


Via Migliara, 72 - Anacapri
  • info@dagelsomina.com
  • www.dagelsomina.com
  • +39 081 8371499

At the end of the scenic Migliera walk in Anacapri and just before the path ends at the scenic overlook facing the Punta Carena lighthouse, Da Gelsomina welcomes guests to their spectacular pool, panoramic sun deck, and inviting snack bar. If you are looking for a quiet spot to relax far from the tourist crowds, cool off in the pool, lose yourself in the view, and perhaps even sample some authentic island cuisine, Da Gelsomina is the answer.

"Da Gelsomina" is famous primarily for its excellent restaurant serving Capri's traditional dishes, and has recently added charming guest rooms to welcome guests at their family-run B&B. All guests of the pool, restaurant, and B&B can use the free shuttle service to and from the center of Anacapri for convenient transfers.

The pool is open each day from 9 am to 7 pm, 15 May to 30 September.

Guest reviews


The best of the best in Anacapri

8 June 2024

We have been coming here for over 25 years and the quality of the food and the service is never less than fabulous. It is family-run and so has tha... more »


The Best of the Best

31 May 2024

This is the 14th and final TripAdvisor review I will write after my wife's and my April/May trip to Rome and southern Italy. In short, I have ... more »


Anacapri Dinner

30 May 2024

Great view, fantastic food and wine! Sunset was spectacular. Very interesting trek to the restaurant. You take a taxi to the middle of Anacapri. ... more »



25 May 2024

I have been coming to the island of Capri for 40 years, and eaten at many restaurants. This is the first time I have been to this hidden away gem. ... more »


Just few meters from "Belvedere Migliera" from where to admire the beauty of Punta Carena Lighthouse, at just 2 km from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri.

Via Migliara, 72 - Anacapri