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The perfect balance of traditional authenticity and modern style

Locally sourced ingredients
The charm of Marina Piccola
The skill of Chef Amitrano

Why choose Gennaro Amitrano in Capri

Overlooking one of the most unforgettable views on Capri of the idyllic rocky Bay of Marina Piccola, the Gennaro Amitrano restaurant is led by one of the most impressive chefs in southern Italy and is among the finest eateries on the island.

The menu at Gennaro Amitrano is inspired by locally sourced ingredients and traditional dishes that have long been tied to seasonal delicacies. The chef is passionate about this area's historic cuisine and has modernized classics with the help of an impeccable kitchen staff and star mentors including Alain Ducasse and Gianfranco Vissani, both of whom have been important influences during chef Amitrano's career.

The drive to pair tradition and innovation is reflected in Amitrano's dishes, which are both simple yet attentive to the tiniest details. Book a table here to enjoy fresh fish, in-house pasta, and creamy risotto, as well as gourmet desserts and an ample wine list.

Locations - How to get to Capri

Gennaro Amitrano is located in the picturesque hamlet of Marina Piccola, just steps from the waterfront and facing the Faraglioni.


Gennaro Amitrano
Restaurants in Capri
+39 081 218 7550

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