Gianni's Boat Naples - Capri

Excursions by sea in Capri - via Cristoforo Colombo, 79 - Marina Grande
Gianni's Boat Naples
Gianni's Boat Naples
Gianni's Boat Naples
Gianni's Boat Naples
  • Hours: Open from 10am to 6pm
  • Weekly closing: Sunday
  • via Cristoforo Colombo, 79 - Marina Grande - Capri
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Explore Naples by sea on board a traditional gozzo or lancia boat!

Choice of private or group tour
A unique way to discover Naples
Learn about the city's history and lore

Why choose Gianni's Boat Naples in Capri

Naples and the sea go hand in hand, and the most spectacular way to take in this port city is from the water. Set sail with Gianni's Boat to admire the unique cityscape and learn about the long history and fascinating lore of Naples while relaxing far from the crowds and chaos of its downtown streets.

An Exclusive Look at the City

This boat tour with Gianni's Boat is an exclusive opportunity to explore the most picturesque and unique spots along the Neapolitan coastline from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, a vantage point not many visitors are able to enjoy. Take in the most famous landmarks and monuments along the coast while learning about their history and significance from the on-board guide and skipper.

The History and Lore of Naples

While relaxing on board a traditional gozzo or lancia boat, you can take a deep dive into Neapolitan history and lore with on-board commentary explaining the city's most interesting and fascinating legends. You'll head into the waters of the Bay of Naples to admire views of the island, Mt. Vesuvius, and the Sorrentine Peninsula. The itinerary of Gianni's Boat tours takes you through both the bay and its history, so you can come away with a deeper knowledge of the city and its historic ties to the sea as well as unforgettable photos of the city's historic castles and palaces.

Tours for Any Style Traveller

With Gianni's Boat, you can choose between group or private tours to suit your travel style, budget, and schedule. Either way, you'll enjoy a relaxing time at sea that combines culture and fun and leaves you with a deep appreciation for the beauty, history, and legends of Naples.

Not Just Any Boat

Tours offered by Gianni's Boat are via traditional wooden Neapolitan boats called gozzo or lancia that have everything you need for a comfortable and thrilling sail. Sun decks, cushions, a cabin, and a bathroom let you enjoy your time on board in style, exploring the wonder of the coastline along the Bay of Naples.

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Locations - How to get to Capri

Gianni's Boat is located in the heart of the Bay of Naples, with offices in Marina Grande on Capri.


Gianni's Boat Naples
Excursions by sea in Capri - via Cristoforo Colombo, 79 - Marina Grande
+39 334 1196788 +39 334 1196788