Infinity Capri: all the options

Departure from Amalfi, Capri, Positano, Sorrento

Tour the Capri coastline aboard an iconic Riva luxury wooden roundabout
Tour the streets of Capri in a traditional convertible taxi
Tour with a vintage Vespa

Riva Aquarama and other options...

From € 400 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 8 ore

Departure from Naples, Salerno

Private, exclusive service
The fastest and most enjoyable way to reach Capri
Stress-free: you don't have to worry about anything

Itama 40 and other options...

From € 1,000 Per boat | Max 10 passengers

Duration 1 hour

Gozzo Aprea Mare 36 New


A perfect and stylish sailing experience with a traditional wooden boat.

Gozzo Fratelli Aprea 36

From € 800

Duration 8 ore

Axopar 28 New


Performance and comfort in a futuristic vessel.

Axopar 28

From € 900

Duration 8 ore

Itama 45 New

Departure from Capri

The perfect blend of timeless style and high-end performance.

Itama 45

From € 1,200

Duration 8 ore