L'Oro di Capri Local products Anacapri

L'Oro di Capri Anacapri

Reviving the tradition of olive oil production on Capri

+39 081 8371441

L'Oro di Capri Local products Anacapri

L'Oro di Capri - Reviving the tradition of olive oil production on Capri

  1. An association for the promotion of olive oil on Capri
  2. The conservation of historic olive groves
  3. The use of natural techniques in growing and pressing olives

L'Oro di Capri

+39 081 8371441

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L'Oro di Capri - Anacapri

When Capri was an exclusively agricultural economy, extra virgin olive oil was one of the island's most precious resources, and was used not only in traditional dishes, but also to fuel lamps and as a trade good during the long winter months when the island needed to procure supplies to make it to spring.

Today, the "Oro di Capri" association works to revive those historic traditions surrounding olive oil on Capri by helping local farmers rediscover natural techniques to grow olive trees and to conserve the abandoned groves near Orrico, Mesola, Palazzo a Mare, and Tiberius.

The Oro di Capri association today is made up of 50 members representing 50,000 olive trees.

Any resident of the island who grows olive trees can become a member of Oro di Capri, and take advantage of the technical assistance the association provides for producing quality olive oil without the use of chemical products, opting instead for natural traps for insects, organic fertilizers, rainwater irrigation, and hand harvesting.

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