Legambiente Capri - Anacapri

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  1. Dedicated to protecting the island's ecosystem
  2. Coastal and waste monitoring
  3. Trail and archaeological site maintenance

Why choose Legambiente Capri in Anacapri

Since 1980, year of its foundation, Capri's Legambiente has functioned as lively social forum for those islanders passionate about environmental issues and, in particular, the preservation of Capri's delicate ecosystem.

Differentiated waste-disposal, recycling, eco-sustainable development, these are just some of the activities which Legambiente Capri promotes, via its educational programs and direct intervention.

Not surprisingly, the protection of the coast and the marine environment are arguments close to Legambiente Capri's heart.

In 1993, a woodland fire caused serious damage to the flora and fauna of Capri. Since 1995, as part of its forest fire prevention program, the island's Legambiente association has regularly recruited groups of volunteers to clear the island's footpaths and Capri's various archaeological sites, an activity known to dramatically reduce the number and the entity of fires.


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