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Via Camerelle, 2

Look good, feel fantastic

  1. Exclusive treatments Qvisi Collection
  2. Quisi Hammam: a traditional Turkish bath
  3. The heated pool with hydromassage facility


Via Camerelle, 2 - Capri
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The Grand Hotel Quisisana, just steps away from the legendary Piazzetta and in the heart of Capri's glamorous shopping district, is situated in what is arguably the most sun blessed and health inducing corner of the island.

Built for beauty

From its conception this Grand Hotel was designed to provide a place in which to regenerate, restore natural equilibrium, and improve physical fitness.

QuisiBeauty, a state-of-the-art wellness facility, fulfils the promise of relaxation and wellbeing which the hotel's name symbolises

Balance and boost

QuisiBeauty offers a wide range of treatments and programs designed to re-establish balance and restore optimum energy levels.
Massages, hydromassage, aromatherapy, treatments for the face and body, and anti-aging treatments all feature on QuisiBeauty's enticing spa menu.

Tradition and technology

Traditional therapies and the latest in technology combine so as to make QuisiBeauty one of the island's finest wellness facilities, given further appeal by the luxurious surroundings and world class service for which the Grand Hotel Quisisana is known, throughout the world.


QuisiBeauty is the exclusive wellness center situated within the walls of the Grand Hotel Quisisana, the historic luxury hotel located right in the heart of Capri. QuisBeauty lies within steps of the Piazzetta, center of the island's glamorous social life.

Via Camerelle, 2 - Capri