Verginiello - Capri

Restaurants in Capri - Via Lo Palazzo, 25
  • Hours: 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Weekly closing: Sunday
  • Via Lo Palazzo, 25 - Capri
+39 081 8370944

Authentic dishes from the island and Mediterranean with a breathtaking view

Near Capri's Piazzetta
Excellent value for the prices
Welcoming informal atmosphere

Why choose Verginiello in Capri

This landmark restaurant in central Capri is one of the top choices for excellent dining on a budget, with the extra perk of a panoramic view.

A popular eatery with locals, Verginiello is an old-school trattoria that serves traditional island and Neapolitan dishes, including beloved ravioli capresi and fresh fish and seafood caught just offshore.

Diners can also opt for a classic Neapolitan pizza fired in a wood-burning oven.

Il Verginiello is located just a few meters from the Piazzetta in Capri and welcomes guests with a warm atmosphere, ample wine list, and spectacular view over the island of Capri.

Guest reviews

"Very good and inexpensive"

3 travelers agree

"Good place for a solid meal that isn't completely overpriced"

1 traveler agrees

Locations - How to get to Capri

The Verginiello restaurant and pizzeria is located in the center of Capri town, steps from the Piazzetta and bus stop.


Restaurants in Capri - Via Lo Palazzo, 25
+39 081 8370944

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