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Villa Castiglione Luxury Villas Capri

Capri's castle set directly above the water

Three reasons to book here:

The most beautiful view on Capri
The charm of a historic island castle
A dreamy outdoor pool with a view of the sea

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Contact Villa Castiglione directly

Contact Villa Castiglione directly

Villa Castiglione: description

Ask any islander on Capri about "Il Castiglione", and they will all know exactly what you are talking about: one of the most exclusive villas on Capri set directly on the clifftop above the sea. With its unique setting and stunning view from the terraced grounds and the pool overlooking the sea, this villa will take your breath away.

Set a full 370 meters above the sea on the clifftop, the pool at Il Castiglione is one of the most spectacular on Capri, and with a direct view over the Faraglioni.

One Thousand Square Meters of Luxury

The villa entrance is deep in the grounds, guarding the building itself from prying eyes, and after a brief stroll through the lush colors and heady fragrances of the Mediterranean flora, guests enter the luxurious villa interiors.

The elegance of Villa Castiglione is endless, with internal halls, bedrooms, and soaring spaces that are stunning in their style and size.
The main living area is a full 300 square meters and the center of the house. The aristocratic feel of the room, with its antique rugs and furnishings, large fireplace tiled in majolica, and enormous picture windows overlooking the sea with views that stretch to Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni that seem part of the interior décor itself, is impeccable.

Castle Bedrooms

Villa Castiglione has five guest rooms four of which have a view over the Faraglioni and the Marina Piccola Bay. There is a master bedroom with a large private terrace with a view, and the Rosa, Zodiaco, and Vela rooms, in addition to a fifth small bedroom.

The villa's kitchen is fully equipped with stove/hob with five burners, an electric oven, a microwave oven, three fridges, and a freezer. Next to the kitchen, there are two staff bedrooms for the cook and housekeeper.

Villa Castiglione: Services

Outdoor facilities
Swimming pool
Free Wi-fi
Air Conditioning
Satellite TV
Room with private terrace

Villa Castiglione: Location

Villa Castiglione's location is unique: just a few minutes from the center of Capri, but also a world away as far as peace and quiet, set on the clifftop more than 200 meters above the sea below with 360° views that encompass the center of Capri and the Bay of Naples, including Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni.
The villa is a convenient base for exploring since it is easy to reach by foot from the Piazzetta (about 10 minutes) or by taxi when coming back from a day at sea!

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