Covid-19: Updates and News for the Region of Campania

Last update: 29 November, 2021

This page is dedicated to the current COVID-19 situation and vaccination campaign in Italy, with a particular focus on destinations in the Bay of Naples and on the Amalfi Coast. Though we try to summarize to the best of our knowledge, it's not always easy to stay abreast of the changing situation. Please see the official government links below.

Most residents of Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and the rest of the region of Campania has both doses of the vaccine. You do not need to take a Covid test to embark on the ferry for Capri, Ischia, or Procida.

Official websites for more information:

The Super Green Pass Introduced for the Winter Holidays

From December 6th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022, a new “Green Pass Rafforzato” or Super Green Pass has been introduced that is only available to those who are complete vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid-19. Even in "white zones", there are a number of activities and locations that will only be accessible to those who hold this type of "reinforced" Green Pass rather than the "basic" Green Pass that can be issued based on a negative Covid-19 test taken within the previous 48 hours (for rapid tests) or the previous 72 hours (or PCR tests).

How Can I Get the Super Green Pass?

All you need to get the Super Green Pass is proof of having completed your Covid-19 vaccine cycle (with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J&J, or Moderna) or having recovered from Covid-19 within the previous six months.

Where a Super Green Pass is Required from Dec 6th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022

  • Indoor restaurant dining
  • Cinemas, theaters, and concert halls
  • Sporting events
  • Festivals
  • Discos and clubs
  • Weddings and public ceremonies

Museums (including Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Royal Palace of Caserta) and public transportation require the basic Green Pass, which can be issued based on a negative Covid-19 test.

The validity of both the basic and the super Green Pass has been shortened from 12 months to 9 months after completing your vaccination cycle. For those with a Green Pass based on Covid-19 recovery, validity is only 6 months.

In Orange Zones, there is no restriction on dining or entertainment for those with a Super Green Pass.

Places and Activities That Require a Basic Green Pass

  • Gyms and pools
  • Spas
  • Amusement parks
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Long-distance trains (Intercity, Frecciarossa, Italo)
  • Local public transport, including buses, metro lines, and regional trains
  • Domestic flights
  • Ferries that run between regions (from the mainland to Sicily and Sardinia, for example, but not for Capri)

No Green Pass is required for ferries for the islands or open-air tours (including boat tours). You also do not need a Green Pass to stay in a hotel or use the in house restaurant or bar. If the hotel has a pool or spa, you'll need a Green Pass to use these services.

Tourists from outside the EU can show their vaccination certificate from their home country in English, Italian, French, or Spanish. This must attest to being fully vaccinated against Covid19 with one of the vaccines approved by the EMA (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J) at least 14 days prior to arrival, or of having a negative Covid-19 test (antigen or PCR) taken 48 hours before or a certification of having recovered from a Covid-19 infection by a doctor . Children under 12 do not need a Green Pass.

Rules about Travel within Italy

Italy has a color-coded regional system to indicate the level of Covid risk and the related restrictions. The country’s 20 regions are currently all classified as "white" low-risk zones . There is complete freedom of movement within and between white regions without any forms, tests, or vaccine certificates needed. Those moving inside or from an orange or red zone can only travel with a permit for work- or health-related reasons.

For domestic flights, some airlines are requiring a negative Covid test to embark. Most hotels on Capri and in Sorrento offer on-site testing services for guests. You do not need to take a Covid test to embark for Capri, Ischia, or Procida by ferry.

For additional information, call 1500

Rules about Traveling to Italy from EU Countries

Currently, travelers from the EU and Canada, Japan, and the US who hold a Green Pass (or the equivalent from their home country; for US citizens, this means the CDC "white card") can enter Italy but must complete a PLF form, which you can find here: Passenger Locator Form. The form must be completed no more than 24 hours before arrival in Italy and each nuclear family, couple, or group of friends traveling together can fill out a single form. After you return the completed form, you will receive an email with a QR that you can show upon arrival via smart device or printed on paper.

Contact your local embassy for precise information about the requirements regarding COVID testing or quarantine upon returning to your country of residence after visiting Italy. The European Green Pass, active from July 1st, establishes the rules for traveling between EU countries.

Rules about Traveling to Italy from the US

US citizens and residents are allowed to enter Italy for leisure travel if they meet all the following conditions:

  • Fully vaccinated against Covid19 with one of the vaccines approved by the EMA (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J) at least 14 days prior to arrival as certified on the official CDC "white card" OR certification of having recovered from a Covid-19 infection by a doctor
  • Negative Covid-19 test (antigen or PCR) taken 48 hours before departure
  • A completed Passenger Locator Form

Minors above six years of age entering the country in the company of a parent or guardian must take a Covid test before departure; children under six years of age are exempt from taking a Covid test. Each arriving traveler (or one per family/group) must complete a digital Passenger Locator Form no more than 24 hours before arrival in Italy. After you return the completed form, you will receive a QR code by email that you can save via smart device or printed on paper.

For clarification about traveling to Italy from other countries, the best source of information is the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Where can I get a Covid-19 test before departure for my return trip home?

  • Capri: All hotels in Capri and Anacapri are offering a Covid-19 test service for both molecular and antigen tests directly inside the hotel. There are also a number of local clinics and labs that offer the test, including Check-Up Capri in the Piazzetta 081 8370808. Results are guaranteed within 48 hours.
  • Sorrento: The Zenith lab 081 5321677 offers molecular Covid-19 tests and will come to your hotel or accommodation. Results are guaranteed within 24 hours.
  • Naples Capodichino airport: There is a Covid Testing Center at the airport that offers a number of different types of tests called the Centro Tamponi Capodichino.

The Situation on the Ground on Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Procida, Ischia, and Sorrento

Last update: 29 November, 2021

Campania: White Zone

Italy currently classifies each region as a white, yellow, orange, or red zone based on the number of active cases. The classification colors are updated every few weeks, and at the moment the region of Campania where the Amalfi Coast and Capri are located is classified as white. Cafès and restaurants are open and most hotels, shops, museums, and other cultural sites are open. The only public areas closed at the moment are clubs and discos.



Ferries are running regularly but we suggest booking your ferry tickets in advance due to limited capacity on board.
Ferry schedules and online tickets


Buses and the funicular are running on Capri. 'Sita public buses are currently running on limited capacity. There have been reported problems with crowds on buses, particularly at the beginning and end of the school day. We suggest arranging for alternative transportation.
Current bus and funicular schedules on Capri


The Circumvesuviana train between Naples and Sorrento is running, but can often be crowded. Opt for a ferry between Naples and Sorrento (keep in mind that ferries are running at reduced schedules) or a private transfer, the safest option.

Museums and Sites

All museums, archaeological sites, and exhibitions are currently open but a Green Pass is required, including for Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Blue Grotto.