12 Photos of Capri that will Make you Want to Plan your Vacation Now

You'll wish your summer would never end

12 Photos of Capri that will Make you Want to Plan your Vacation Now
12 Photos of Capri that will Make you Want to Plan your Vacation Now

Here are 12 photos of Capri shared by Instagram users who had an awesome time on Italy's Blue Island. You could be one of them... Enjoy!

1. Summer love

Photo by Endrit Mërtiri

Just look at that view! (Ahem, ladies. We meant the Faraglioni sea stacks in the background.)

2. Pool with friends

Photo by Helô B. Drummond Carneiro

Another great view! (Uh, guys? Guys. The hotel pool.)

3. Capri engagement

Photo by favich

Romance with Italian designer style. That pretty much sums up chic and dreamy Capri.

4. Shopping time

Photo by Dani Vasconcellos

Indulge in a bit of retail therapy. We'll never tell.

5. Passion for Yoga

Photo by Jordy

If you can't find inner peace on Capri, you can't find it anywhere. Though try looking for it in a steaming place of ravioli capresi. Sometimes it's hiding in there.

6. Faraglioni

Photo by Victoria Bergström

The Faraglioni sea stacks are to Capri what the Leaning Tower is to Pisa. A photo-op must.

7. Turquoise water

Photo by Victor Fernandes

Water so clear that it looks like a film set. Or paradise. Or simply Capri.

8. Best Friends

Photo by Sammielynne

There's no better way to explore Capri than by boat, from traditional gozzo fishing craft to luxury yacht. It's the company (and the view) that counts!

9. Light

Photo by elenafrr

Take a dip in one of the countless hidden coves and sea caves that dot Capri's coast, and bask in the shimmering Mediterranean light.

10. The perfect day

Photo by Susy Tutyna

Capri Vacation. A kiss beneath the Faraglioni guarantees endless love... or at least a fun souvenir selfie!

11. EndlessSummer

Photo by Katie Lee

Gorgeous scenery, crystalline water, unforgettable cuisine, balmy weather... you'll wish your summer would never end.

12. Good times

Photo by Francesca Picciafuochi

She wants you to dive in...so take the leap! We'll be waiting to welcome you to the island of Capri...