Capri in November

Enjoy Capri all to yourself!

Capri in November
Capri in November

To be perfectly honest, November is not the best month to visit Capri and the Amalfi Coast: the weather is often unpleasant, many hotels and restaurants are closed, and the days are short.

To cheer yourself up during this month, you can:

  • Start planning your visit for the following spring, or;
  • Keep your eye on the weather, and the first warm, sunny weekend in November, take a last-minute trip.

In truth, even in November there are beautiful sunny days that have the added advantage of no crowds. This is the perfect month of the year to take a day trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum without it being too hot or cold. You can also relax on the beach under the autumn sun and get your fill of vitamin least on your bare arms and feet! Indeed, when those rare warm autumn days pop up, islanders immediately head to the beaches with southern exposure like Marina Piccola in Capri, and some even take their final dip of the year!

Winter on Capri

We suggest staying in Sorrento in November, which stays open for business during the entire year, including restaurants and hotels. You can also see the first holiday lights and decorations going up!

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