Free Beaches on Capri

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Here are all the free public beaches on the island of Capri

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Free Beaches on Capri

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Guide to all the free public beaches on Capri: where to find the most beautiful on the island!

On Capri, the beaches are few and tiny! The rocky cliffs which line the coast are one of the island's beauties, but leave little space for beaches...and those that are on the island are often stone ledges from which you can dive directly into the deep water.

Once you exclude the stretches of shore occupied by private beach clubs, there is very little space left where you can simply spread a towel. Here is our complete guide to the free public beaches on Capri, complete with some tips to enjoy your day on the water's edge to the max!

The Best Places to Pick Up Picnic Supplies:

  • Da Aldo: deli in Marina Grande. Aldo prepares the most famous traditional "panini capresi" on the island. There is always a bit of a line in the morning, but it's worth the wait! Cost: EUR 5 per panino (they are often big enough for two people!)
  • Capri Pasta: take away in Capri town. If you are in the center of Capri, this take away deli on Via Parrocco Canale near the Piazzetta has hot and cold prepared dishes.
  • El Merendero: kiosk on the Marina Piccola beach with excellent panini and sangria.
  • Snack bar da Antonio: landmark café at the Punta Carena lighthouse, famous for its caponata salad (croutons tossed with mozzarella, tomatoes, and other seasonal ingredients).

Free Public Beaches in Marina Grande

  • Free Beaches on Capri

The free beach in Marina Grande is the easiest to reach by foot from the port, as it is located right behind the ferry ticket office. Though it is quite near the commercial port, the water is always clean. This beach is suitable for kids and you'll find it crowded with local families. It gets sun all day long.

  • kid-friendly
  • easy to reach by foot
  • morning to evening

Otherwise, there is the small Palazzo a Mare beach, which can be reached by following the path which begins near the "Da Paolino" restaurant, in the upper part of Marina Grande. There is a small, protected cove and is again perfect for kids.

  • kid-friendly
  • accessible by foot path
  • morning to evening

Free Public Beaches in Marina Piccola

  • Free Beaches on Capri

In Marina Piccola , there are two small beaches near the Scoglio delle Sirene. They are always very crowded, as the water is particularly clear and there is a gorgeous view over the Faraglioni. These are also suitable for children. The only drawback: they are in shadow from mid-afternoon on. You can get to Marina Piccola using the Via Mulo stairs or by bus from the center of Capri.

  • kid-friendly
  • good for early risers
  • accessible by stairs or bus

Gradola (near the Blue Grotto, Anacapri)

  • Free Beaches on Capri

Gradola isn't a true beach, but rather a rocky stretch of coast where you can dive directly into the water (there are also ladders to get up and down). It is located near the Blue Grotto and the water is always very clean. You can get there using the Grotta Azzurra bus route which leaves from the center of Anacapri.

  • best for adults
  • near the Blue Grotto
  • accessible by bus

The Punta Carena Lighthouse

  • Free Beaches on Capri

If an islander wants to spend a day at the beach, they head to the Punta Carena lighthouse. Located at the far western edge of the island, this beach is at the foot of the largest lighthouse in Italy and is the only beach on Capri which gets sunlight until dusk. Here there are only rocky ledges and space is limited. If you don't want to lay your towel on hard rock, you can rent a sun chair inexpensively from da Antonio (the same which makes the famous caponata listed above!).

  • best for adults
  • good for late risers
  • waterfront restaurant


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Departure from: Positano

Private Amalfi Coast Sunset Boat Tour

From € 200 Per boat | Max 12 passengers

Duration 2 hours

  • A private boat at sunset
  • A romantic Prosecco toast on board
  • Drop anchor near the Li Galli Islets
Excellent (115)

Departure from: Amalfi, Ravello

Amalfi Coast Tour via Ape Calessino (Tuk Tuk)

From € 250 Per vehicle | Max 2 passengers

Duration 3 hours

  • The most beautiful spots along the Amalfi Coast
  • A romantic ride on a vintage Ape Calessino
  • Commentary about the coastline from your driver
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Departure from: Capri

Capri 5 Senses (3 hours Private tour)

From € 360 Per group | Max 6 people

Duration 3 hours

Free cancellation

  • The aromas and flavors of Capri
  • Guide included
  • Private boat tour
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Bathing Establishments

La Canzone del Mare

The historical hot spot on Capri

  1. The favorite meeting place of the Dolce Vita jet set in Capri
  2. A jacuzzi overlooking the Faraglioni
  3. The perfect location to host a reception on the beach
Very good (85)

Bathing Establishments

La Fontelina

Swim at the foot of the dramatic Faraglioni

  1. Swim beneath Capri's iconic Faraglioni
  2. Bask in the sun on a soft beach mattress
  3. Sip their famed sangria
Very good (724)

Bathing Establishments

da Luigi ai Faraglioni

Relax between the Faraglioni

  1. Having lunch under the Faraglioni
  2. An exclusive and relaxing atmosphere
  3. A dip in the bluest sea of Capri

Bathing Establishments

da Gioia

Beach club and restaurant at the Bay of Marina Piccola

  1. One of the fewest beach of Capri
  2. Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable day on the beach
  3. Taste the sea specialties of the restaurant
Very good (252)

B&B and Homes - Anacapri

Casa Orrico

Quintessential island style

Traditional island style
Pool with waterfall
Furnished panoramic terrace

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