Villas for Sale on Capri

An overview of the Capri real estate market

Villas for Sale on Capri
Villas for Sale on Capri
Villas for Sale on Capri
Villas for Sale on Capri
Villas for Sale on Capri

If there’s one sector in Italy that never experiences a financial crisis, it’s the Capri real estate market. Luxury estates with panoramic terraces on this Mediterranean island offer breathtaking views such as the iconic Faraglioni rock formations. Luxury penthouses and historic villas on the island, some just a stone's throw from the famous Piazzetta, are a property type in luxury real estate that never goes out of demand.

The most prestigious areas of Capri: where to buy

On the island of Capri in the Mediterranean wonderland of Italy and the Amalfi Coast, the most prestigious areas in which to buy a house are those around the famous Piazzetta. This area includes homes for sale along Via Camerelle through to Via Tragara, where some of the most famous luxury homes for sale are located. New listings that never last very long on the market are the most coveted property types such as ones with a sea view, or ones with a panoramic view of the Faraglioni and the Bay of Marina Piccola.

Those looking for a more convenient location with direct access, for example a single family detached house or villa for sale that can be reached by car, should look in Anacapri. Here you can find luxury real estate such as townhouses and villas surrounded by lots of green areas and easy parking. In contrast, parking is scarce to non-existent in the center of Capri, because that area is open to pedestrians only. In Anacapri, on the other hand, you have a great chance of finding a villa for sale or a luxury estate with outdoor space such as a garden. That’s not as likely in Capri town, which offers more opportunities for sea-view panoramic terraces clinging to the rugged coastline.

The two areas of Marina Grande (the island's port) and Marina Piccola (on the Faraglioni side) are also in great demand for their scenic views of the Gulf of Naples and the Faraglioni, as well as their close proximity to the beaches.

Average prices in the Capri luxury real estate market

According to data from the Italian government’s Real Estate Observatory (OMI), real estate prices in Capri, Italy, are around €10,000 per square meter (about 10.8 square feet/sqft) for buying and selling. This figure, which is more than double that of property types in the rest of the province of Naples in the Campania region, are typical for luxury real estate on the isle of Capri. Luxury real estate prices in Anacapri are slightly lower than in Capri town. Specific factors have an impact on the overall property price, including whether there’s a sea view or a panoramic terrace, if it’s a historic villa, if there’s a private parking space and direct access, and if there are outdoor spaces.

Stability of the Capri real estate market

Despite periods of crisis in the property market, such as in 2012, luxury real estate in Capri has maintained a consistent value over time. Although this niche market doesn’t necessarily generate an enormous sales volume, in terms of turnover it produces annual revenue of 60 to 90 million euros.

The most expensive streets on Capri

Via Camerelle, Via Tragara and Vittorio Emanuele are the most expensive streets in Capri. Over the past 10 years, home prices on these streets have never fallen below €10,000 per square meter.

The most exclusive villas for sale

One of Capri's historic villas, Villa Castiglione, is currently for sale at auction. It’s located in a dominant position on top of Castiglione hill, sitting atop the remains of an ancient fortification. The villa overlooks the entire center of Capri much like a castello (castle). It has a surface area of over 1,000 square meters (over 10,765 square feet), and includes a swimming pool, a private road for direct access, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and large panoramic terraces with 360-degree views of Capri. The starting price for this unique villa is 16 million euros.

Villa Quattro Venti, which for years was the summer retreat of the actor Christian De Sica, was recently sold. This splendid villa was designed by the painter Elihu Vedder and was the residence where David Herbert Lawrence wrote “Lady Chatterley's Lover.” This luxury home is located in Via Aiano, on the road that leads from Capri to Anacapri. It has the advantage of direct access by car while also being close to the center and the famous Piazzetta. The villa was sold for an undisclosed amount, estimated to be around 4 million euros.

The record for the most expensive Capri villa sold in recent years goes to Villa Bismarck, located in Marina Grande with a private beach. Italy Sotheby's International Realty sold the villa for 24 million euros.

Sotheby's is currently handling the sale of another of Capri's iconic villas: Villa Quattro Colonne on Via Tragara. The asking price for this 9-bedroom, 9-bathroom luxury estate is undisclosed.

Rent a dream

Even without spending these vast amounts, you can indulge in the dream of living in one of the most prestigious villas on Capri when you book a luxury villa for rental during your stay on the island.

Luxury villas for rent on Capri

Real estate agencies to contact

A great place to start if you’re looking to buy or rent on Capri is by going directly to a local real estate agency. Since they’re located on the island, they're often the first to know about new listings of villas and apartments and can inform potential clients before the listing is released to the general public. Sales of the most exclusive and valuable villas are often entrusted exclusively to large companies and international auction houses, such as the following:

Sotheby’s International Realty

Lionard Luxury Real Estate