Rainy Day Ideas for the Island of Capri

Are you rained out on Capri and not sure how to spend the day?

Rainy Day Ideas for the Island of Capri
Rainy Day Ideas for the Island of Capri

Are you rained out on Capri and not sure how to spend the day? If you see rain forecasted for an upcoming day trip, try to move your visit to a day with more friendly weather, when you can take a boat tour around the island and the chairlift up to the top of Mount Solaro to take in the view (both of which are impossible to do on rainy days). We strongly suggest avoiding a day trip on days when it is set to pour from morning to evening!

But what if you can't tweak your itinerary or the skies open once you are already on the island? Here are some suggestions to sit out the storm and enjoy beautiful Capri, Italy even under storm clouds...

Espresso in the Piazzetta

The caf├ęs which line Capri town's bustling main square all have large awnings where you can sit outside without getting soaked, or you can choose a table indoors if the wind is howling. Il Piccolo Bar has a tea room upstairs, and the Bar Funicolare comfy indoor sofas facing the plate glass window overlooking the sea...a breathtaking view, even on stormy days.

Capri's Piazzetta

Visit the Charterhouse of San Giacomo

Meander the large halls of the charterhouse, which hold the permanent collection of works by the painter Diefenbach, and often temporary exhibitions organized by the Fondazione Capri.

The Charterhouse of San Giacomo

Stop in the Cerio Museum

Capri's small museum is located opposite the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, and is interesting both for the eclectic collection and as a glimpse into a traditional noble residence on Capri dating from the late 1800's.

Museums on Capri

Shopping on Via Camerelle and Via Le Botteghe

Popping into Capri's elegant boutiques is an excellent way to get out of the rain! On Via Camerelle, you can browse shops dedicated to the most recognized names in fashion today, while on Via Le Botteghe, you'll find independent designers featured.
Shopping on Capri

Meander La Galleria Senesi

If you are a lover of modern art, take a look at the Franco Senesi Fine Art on Corso Umberto...it's almost like visiting a contemporary art museum.

After exploring the sights in Capri town, continue on to Anacapri, where you can:

Explore Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is almost entirely inside (it was once a private residence, of course!), and the view from the gardens is unforgettable even on rainy days. Along the lane leading to the villa, you can peek into the souvenir shops, try on a pair of handmade traditional Capri sandals, and browse the workshops making artisanal perfumes and limoncello liqueur.

Villa San Michele

See Casa Rossa

Along Via Giuseppe Orlandi in Anacapri, Casa Rossa stands as a unique example of eclectic local architecture. Inside you can wander through the painting gallery with works depicting Capri through the centuries and view the Roman statues found on the sea floor inside the Blue Grotto.

Casa Rossa

See Paradise

Poke your head into the tiny Church of San Michele in the center of Anacapri to admire the enormous majolica tiled floor painted with an elaborate scene of Adam and Eve being cast out from the Garden of Eden.


A rainy day is the perfect excuse to linger over a long meal featuring excellent local cuisine from the island and southern Italy. You're biggest worry will be choosing between all of Capri's famed restaurants...

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