The Best Restaurants on Capri

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The best restaurants on Capri

When in Italy, visitors get to experience eating at authentic Italian restaurants for unforgettable Mediterranean meals. On the island of Capri local cuisine is strongly influenced by traditional cooking methods passed down from generation to generation. Here you’ll find chefs working with fresh farm-to-table ingredients such as locally caught fish and vegetables grown on the island. A traditional ristorante on Capri will generally feature a host of recipes celebrating the traditions of the Campania region, often with a modern twist. One important tip for dining on Capri, especially for dinner, is that you should book well in advance. The most famous Italian restaurants on Capri are always sold out during the summer evenings.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What food is Capri known for?

Capri's cuisine is famous for a variety of dishes prepared with traditional Mediterranean ingredients. One example is ravioli capresi, a local type of ravioli filled with caciotta cheese and seasoned with tomato sauce, Parmesan, marjoram or basil. La caponata caprese, on the other hand, differs from its Sicilian cousin in that here on the island it's a hearty salad prepared with stale bread known as "fresella," as well as mozzarella, olives, and salad greens. Another very famous cold dish is l'insalata caprese (Caprese salad), a fantastic summer dish composed of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and olive oil. The island's most famous dessert is undoubtedly torta caprese, a traditional flourless chocolate cake made with dark chocolate and ground almonds and sprinkled with powdered sugar, made even better when accompanied by a glass of fragrant limoncello.

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Where can I eat in Capri without spending too much?

Even though Capri isn't the most economical holiday destination, you can still enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine on the island without breaking the bank. For a typical lunch with ravioli or fish, try Verginiello, which isn't far from the Piazzetta. You can enjoy a delicious and inexpensive pizza in Anacapri at Aumm Aumm pizzeria. And for a quick lunch on the beach, your best options are Antonio's caponata at the Punta Carena lighthouse or Aldo's sandwich in Marina Grande.

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How much is a pizza in Capri?

The prices of a pizza in Capri start on average from 8 - 10 euros for the simplest recipes, such as marinara or margherita with fiordilatte cheese. The cost rises for the gourmet variants with finer ingredients. You can save a few euros by taking a slice of takeaway pizza.

How much does a coffee cost in Capri?

The price of coffee in Capri depends on where you get it. In less touristy bars, especially in Anacapri, you can get a coffee at the counter for 2 euros or a little less, but sitting at the tables in the Piazzetta costs 5 euros and up.

How much does an aperitivo in Capri's Piazzetta cost?

A drink ordered at a table in the Piazzetta of Capri costs between 15 and 20 euros. Typically, this price includes some savory snacks, such as olives or peanuts. Any more substantial snacks, such as pizzas or sandwiches, must be paid for separately.

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How much does a typical dinner cost on Capri?

Restaurant prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, depending on the type of food and the dining context. On the lower end, if you go to a pizzeria you can expect to spend a minimum of 30 euros. On the higher end, if you visit a Michelin-starred restaurant and order a tasting menu paired with wine, your check can easily reach 500 euros per person. On average, however, currently in Capri if you order a two-course dinner plus dessert and a bottle of wine, you can expect to spend around 100 euros per person.

Are there any Michelin-starred restaurants on Capri?

Yes. In Capri there are two restaurants with one Michelin star: Le Monzù and Mammà. There is also one restaurant with two Michelin stars: L'Olivo, the gourmet restaurant of the Capri Palace with chef Andrea Migliaccio. Here is a complete list of gourmet restaurants on Capri.