How to plan a bachelorette party on Capri

Two perfect days on Capri with your friends

How to plan a bachelorette party on Capri
How to plan a bachelorette party on Capri
How to plan a bachelorette party on Capri
How to plan a bachelorette party on Capri
How to plan a bachelorette party on Capri

Imagine a summer day in Italy on the island of Capri, full of joy with a group of your closest friends. It's the perfect setting to celebrate your hen party in high style, treating yourself to an incredible experience that you'll always remember.

Here are our top suggestions for how to organize and book the ultimate bachelorette party on the island of Capri. If you need tips for how to surprise the future bride with a hen party and have the best time, read on!

Boat tours

A private tour around the island of Capri is certainly the top experience to plan.

You can rent a private boat with a skipper to go around the island, passing between the Faraglioni rock formations and stopping to swim in the most beautiful coves the island has to offer.

Traditional gozzo boats for 6 or 12 people are available on Capri, the majority of which depart from the port of Marina Grande. This is the same port that hydrofoils and ferries from Naples and Sorrento arrive at and depart from.

The minimum tour duration is 2 hours, but we suggest taking a 4-hour tour with your bachelorette party guests. If you plan to spend the whole weekend in Capri then another idea is to book an entire day out on the boat, including a stop for lunch in a traditional seaside restaurant or even a picnic on the boat. You can also include a visit to the iconic Blue Grotto as part of your all-day boat trip itinerary.

If you choose the full-day option you can also include other locations on your tour, such as Positano, Amalfi, and other stops along the Amalfi Coast.

  • Aperitif on the boat: You can bring your favorite drinks on board the boat. There's a cooler to store them in, along with some light snacks to accompany your drinks. If you'd like to buy something at the port to take on board the boat with you, the most convenient place is the deli at Aldo in the port of Marina Grande. You can also ask the boat captain to prepare everything in advance for you, including ordering some appetizers for enjoying during your tour.

  • Photo opportunities: There's no end to the perfect photo ops you'll find during a Capri boat tour. From the charming and picturesque Bay of Marina Piccola to the stunning Faraglioni sea stacks standing majestically in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Naples, you'll find lots of iconic backdrops for amazing photos. Your boat captain can also help you by taking the perfect shots of your group. One idea for making a splash in your group photos is to wear matching or coordinated swimwear. Some groups of friends order the same style of bathing suit for everyone, but if you want to limit expenses you can simply ask everyone in your group to wear a one-piece black swimsuit with the bride in white swimwear. Another idea is to buy a wide-brimmed straw hat for everyone. There's a wide selection of these hats in the shops at the port of Marina Grande.

Book a boat tour

Like a 1950s diva

After your boat tour, we recommend taking a traditional convertible Capri taxi to reach your hotel, if it's located between Capri and Anacapri. Capri-style convertible taxis can transport up to 7 people at a time. Imagine your group immortalized in an iconic 1950s look with dramatic sunglasses and scarves blowing in the wind. This gives you an idea of the amazing photos and stories you'll get as you cruise through the panoramic streets of Capri in a traditional ride!

An evening in Capri

Once you get back to the hotel and relax for a bit, soon it will be time to look forward to your evening plans. This is when you can enjoy the magic of Capri nightlife.

Your first stop is definitely going to be for a classic Italian aperitivo in Capri's Piazzetta. This is a customary ritual for island evenings. After that, take a leisurely stroll along Via Camerelle, Capri's destination for luxury shopping. You can go shopping or just window shop to admire the fantastic displays, as you continue to Via Tragara with its historic villas, 5-star hotels, and spectacular views of the Faraglioni.

You'll have lots of different options for your bachelorette party dinner. In high season (April-September) we recommend you book your dinner reservations well in advance. Here are our favorite places for hosting a hen party dinner. These suggestions are a bit different from the most traditional Capri restaurants and are more suited to your party.

Godò: This new venue in the center of Capri offers expertly prepared cocktails, champagne, seafood platters, an oyster bar, and lots of other appetizing dishes.

Zuma Capri: This is a fusion sushi chain with a location inside the 5-star Capri Palace Hotel. It's without a doubt one of the most glamorous places on Capri to celebrate.

If you're looking for something more casual or budget-friendly, opt for the excellent Hang Out pub, a pizza at Pinseria, or a seafood burger at Pescheria Le Botteghe.

After dinner, enjoy a traditional limoncello liqueur and keep your hen party going with the island nightlife tradition that's an absolute must: a stop into Anema e Core. You can book a table in advance using the contact information online.

If you're still going at the first light of dawn, treat yourself to a coffee and croissant at Bar Alberto, which has been open since 1946.

The day after ... relax on the beach

The best way to cap off an unforgettable bachelorette party is to spend the next day relaxing on the beach. If you plan to return to the mainland in the afternoon, head for the beaches of Marina Grande or Bagni Tiberio so you're already close to the port when it's time to leave.

Now that your perfect two days in Capri have come to an end, we hope to see you again soon, whether you're married or not!