Where to Choose a Hotel on Capri

Capri is a relatively small island, with a total area of about 10 square kilometers and two towns, Capri and Anacapri. The island is very steep, so it is not always easy to get from one area to another by foot (especially when you have to go uphill!).

The town of Capri is divided into the port area of Marina Grande and the downtown, centered around the Piazzetta. The Tiberius neighborhood is to the east, and Marina Piccola is to the south.
The town of Anacapri is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro, at a higher elevation than the town of Capri. From the center of Capri, it is a ten-minute bus ride. The center of town is composed of the Boffe and Via Giuseppe Orlandi neighborhoods, and nearby there are the Migliera, the lighthouse, and the Blue Grotto.

The Areas on Capri

Why stay in Marina Grande

This area is quite busy during the day with the arrival and departures of ferries, but in the evening is a quiet hamlet. It's the perfect place to stay for those who are only on the island for a short time, one or two nights, as you are close to the ferry docks. It's also a good place to stay for families, as the nearby beaches are kid-friendly. With the funicular, you can reach the Piazzetta in just 5 minutes.

  • Pro: near the port, the largest beaches, and the departure point for boat tours

  • Con: during the day, it can get crowded and there are often long lines for public transport to visit the island

  • Ideal for: overnight stays

Why stay in Capri town

The hotels located around the Piazzetta are perfect for those who love a bit of nightlife and foresee getting back to their hotel rooms in the early hours. If you would like a location close to the center but a bit quieter, book a hotel near Via Tragara and Via Occhio Marino. When you check the distance between your hotel and the Piazzetta on the map, be sure to check elevations: the Tiberius neighborhood seems close by, but Via Sopramonte and Via Croce are all uphill!

  • Pro: right in the center of the action!

  • Con: far from the beach

  • Ideal for: honeymooners and everyone who like elegant shops and a chic nightlife

Why stay in Marina Piccola

On this stretch of coast, you'll find the island's most beautiful beaches and a view of the Faraglioni, but there isn't much to do and night. We recommend checking if your hotel has a shuttle service to the center of Capri.

  • Pro: near some of the most beautiful beaches on the island

  • Con: far from restaurants, shops, and other attractions

  • Ideal for: anyone who wants to relax on the beach and enjoy the view of the Faraglioni

Why stay in Anacapri

This is perfect location for those who love peace and quiet and want to discover the more authentic side of the island. If you would like to explore the entire island, book a hotel near a bus stop on the Capri - Anacapri line. In the evening, it's a pleasure to wander the lanes in the center of Anacapri, lined with small restaurants, cafés, gelato shops, and wine bars... all in a small town, yesteryear atmosphere. If you book in one of the B&Bs in the area near the Blue Grotto or the lighthouse, consider renting a scooter to be able to move around the island freely. Many of the hotels in Anacapri offer a convenient shuttle service between the port and the hotel. There are no sandy beaches in Anacapri, but only beach clubs on the rocky cliffs.

  • Pro: quiet and authentic atmosphere

  • Con: the bus that runs between Capri and Anacapri is often crowded!

  • Ideal for: those looking for a relaxing vacation or hikers

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How big is Capri?

Capri is a not very large island: it is 6.2 km long and a maximum of 2.7 km wide. The total area is 10.3 square km.

What does Capri mean in Italian?

Various hypotheses have been made over time regarding the origins of the name of Capri. It could derive from the Greek "kapros", which means wild boar, or more likely from the Latin "capraeae", which means goats.

Why is Capri popular?

The island of Capri has been famous for over two thousand years. People love it for its natural beauty - the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni, the cliffs and the walks - but also for the "Dolce Vita" atmosphere, with the cafés in the Piazzetta, the boutiques in via Camerelle and the luxury hotels .

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Is it better to stay in Capri or Anacapri?

Capri is the ideal choice for those looking for nightlife, luxury shopping, glamorous clubs and perhaps a fleeting meeting with some VIPs! If you prefer a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, there are walks and small craft shops.

Capri or Anacapri?

How do you get to the island?

Capri is connected to the mainland by ferries and hydrofoils that leave several times a day from Naples. Direct connections to and from other locations are also available, such as Sorrento, Ischia, Positano and Amalfi, but they are active mainly in summer and spring. If you prefer to reach Capri independently, you can also book one of the numerous private boat transfers.

How to get to Capri

What city is Capri in?

Capri is an island located in the province of Naples, a few miles off the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula. On the island there are two municipalities, Capri and, in the highest part, Anacapri.

Is Capri considered part of the Amalfi Coast?

Although they are often visited together, Capri is not considered part of the Amalfi Coast. However, in summer there are direct connections between the island and the main towns on the coast. Capri is closer to the Sorrento Peninsula, to which it was once attached.

Do people speak English in Capri?

People on Capri who work in the tourism sector (receptionists, restaurateurs, guides, taxi drivers etc) generally speak English, as do many shopkeepers, shop assistants and waiters. Many younger inhabitants of the island can exchange simple conversations in English, while the older ones speak only Italian.