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Nesea Capri Tour - Anacapri - Private Full Day Tour

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Anacapri - Private Full Day Tour

from € 280

A tour of the artistic masterpieces and breathtaking landscapes of Anacapri. Our local guide will take you through the picturesque lanes and artisan boutiques of the town center, and show you the hidden gems of Anacapri, including Villa San Michele, the Church of S. Michele, and Mount Solaro.

5 Excellent
Capri Day Tour - GOLD Day Trip Package

Boat tours

GOLD Day Trip Package

€ 86 per guest € 90 -4%

The perfect day trip for a complete DIY tour of Capri

Nesea Capri Tour - Capri and Anacapri - Full day private tour

Tours and excursions

Capri and Anacapri - Full day private tour

from € 300

A complete tour to discover Capri by land and sea: after a boat tour around the island, we'll explore the most glamorous lanes in Capri town from the Piazzetta to the Gardens of Augustus. We'll then move on to tour picturesque Anacapri and the reach the peak of Mount Solaro by chairlift.

5 Excellent
Capri Official Guides - Mount Solaro  trekking tour

Tours and excursions

Mount Solaro trekking tour

from € 180

Hike to the top of Mount Solaro, the highest point on the island, and enjoy a 360 degree view over Capri, the Gulf of Naples, and the Bay of Salerno.

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