Ten Perfect Spots for a Photo Tour on Capri To Make Your Social Media Sizzle

Our suggestions for social-media-friendly photo ops on the island of Capri

Ten Perfect Spots for a Photo Tour on Capri To Make Your Social Media Sizzle
Ten Perfect Spots for a Photo Tour on Capri To Make Your Social Media Sizzle
Ten Perfect Spots for a Photo Tour on Capri To Make Your Social Media Sizzle
Ten Perfect Spots for a Photo Tour on Capri To Make Your Social Media Sizzle
Ten Perfect Spots for a Photo Tour on Capri To Make Your Social Media Sizzle

Every inch of Capri is pure heaven, but there are a couple of hidden spots and iconic views that prove that this island is truly divine!

For an extra wow factor in your social media pics, the Faraglioni is a classic, especially as the background for a selfie while sailing past or as seen from the island above. That said, there are a number of other spots that are equally as breathtaking, and that give your feed that La Dolce Vita elegance that everyone craves. Do you want to channel a bit of Jackie Kennedy or Brigitte Bardot? Follow our suggestions for the best spots to take those must-have Capri pictures and look like a star from the '50s and '60s!

Photo by Leoniehanne

Before you head out with your phone and Google Maps, be sure to:

  • charge up the batteries on your phone and camera, as you may not be able to recharge while out and about;

  • schedule out your day, so you get both the best light at each spot and also have time to enjoy the island's beauty;

  • wear comfortable shoes: you will be doing a bit of walking, and Capri is not well-laid out for high heels...throw on a pair of the island's famous beaded sandals, and you're ready to go!

Here are the top photo ops in Capri for your followers on Instagram and Facebook

1. The Faraglioni from the Gardens of Augustus

Not only are they stunning, but the Gardens of Augustus (just ten minutes from the Piazzetta) have one of the best views on the island of the towering sea stacks just off the coast of Capri. Pose in front of the view or on one of the beautiful ceramic tiled benches in the garden for a snapshot that is sure to please!

Photo by Alinegoficial

Photo by Giulialazzarini97

2. The Faraglioni by Sea

We're not done with the Faraglioni yet! Another must is a shot of these iconic sea stacks from the water, best if posed on the deck of your private boat. Snap a selfie with friends, strike a diva's pose, kiss for the camera, or take an action shot while diving into the turquoise waters. Your feed will be the talk of the town with any shot you post.

Photo by Jadeseba

Photo by simplymaryashley

3. The Funicular Terrace

You never forget your first view on Capri, and for most visitors, this is the sweeping panorama from the terrace just outside the funicular stop at the top of the cliff. Having just arrived on the island, you climb the cliffside in its historic cars and exit from the top to turn around and find the whole of the Bay of Naples before you...unforgettable!

Photo by Bianca_petry

4.The Marina Grande Port

Photo ops begin as soon as you arrive on Capri with the pretty port in Marina Grande. In the early morning and at sunset, the port is quiet and the colorful boats moored just offshore make for an eye-catching shot.

Photo by Magicalroute

5. The Temple at Villa Lysis

Less famous but just as picturesque for the Instagram-addicted, this is worth the trip if you want to steal a shot for your feed. It's worth the visit, both for the photo op and for the beauty of the site...

Photo by Ajdasitar

6. The Sea View from Punta Tragara

The scenic overlook at Punta Tragara is another popular hot spot for Instagrammers and influencers. An absolutely must for any photo tour on Capri, Capri, stop here before taking the trail down to the foot of the Faraglioni where you can take a few more selfies.

Photo by Manuela.deconcilio

7. The Lanes in Capri Town

Lined with artisan workshops side-by-side with designer boutiques, the lanes in the center of Capri town are made for street photography. Stroll through the historic center and take your pick of perfect poses for Instagram!

Photo by Limaswardrobe

Photo by Bianca_petry

8. The Sirens' Rocks at Marina Piccola

If you are self confident enough for a bikini shot, this is the most Instagrammable location on Capri!
Photo by Laura_may11

9. The View from Villa San Michele

We can't overlook lovely Anacapri, where art and a touch of vanity combine in the former residence of Axel Munthe, the magnificent Villa San Michele. Views abound here, but the most beloved and famous is the endless vista over the Mediterranean from the Sphynx.

Photo by Anniexoxo

10. Flowers and Lemons

On Capri, any spot can be the perfect backdrop for an iconic island shot, perfect for Instagram or Facebook...so don't overlook the lush Mediterranean flowers on every balcony an terrace, the bright stacks of lemons at the fruit stand, or even the charm of an old-fashioned shaved ice vendor.

Photo by Bianca_petry

Photo by Jess_dantas

Cover photo by Leoniehanne