The Island of Capri has two towns: Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro at a higher elevation than Capri town, and has about 7,000 residents

Anacapri is for you if...

  • you don't love crowds and want to experience the more authentic side of the island
  • you are more interested in peaceful surroundings and walking and hiking trails than nightlife
  • you are on a budget

Keep in mind that most of the island's sights are located near Anacapri: The Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele, and the chairlift for Mount Solaro.

Ancapri is a concentration of Mediterranean colors, scents, and sounds. Town life here has remained authentic despite the island's tourism: tucked between the houses there are tiny, humble vegetable gardens surrounded by lush tropical plants. A walk around the center of Anacapri will take you past tiny Neapolitan tailor shops, artisan shoemakers, ladies sitting in the shade outside working on their knitting while exchanging gossip and news...all with the scent of the town's lemon groves that permeates the air.

(from Il Giornale)

What are the differences between the towns of Capri and Anacapri?

  • Anacapri is quieter than Capri
  • The hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants are generally less expensive
  • The nightlife in Anacapri is much more understated
  • There are no beaches, but only beach clubs on rocky cliffs
  • There are less luxury boutiques and more artisan workshops

The landscape is surprisingly wild, with rocky terrain inhabited by goats and gulls, and groves of pine and semitropical, Mediterranean brush swept by the wind.

(from The New York Times)

How far is Anacapri from Capri?

Capri and Anacapri are 3 kilometers apart and are connected by a public bus route. The bus runs every 15 minutes and takes about 10 minutes between towns. Tickets cost €1.80. For more information, see getting around Capri.

After the bustle of Capri, return to the silent country village, with its walks through the quiet lanes which are semideserted at night.
Return to the peaceful Santa Sofia, the park benches of handpainted majolica, the friendly dinners al fresco surrounded by potted geraniums and olive trees. This timeless air is what was once Capri, in its golden age.

(from Dove Viaggi)

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