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Porto di Marina Grande, Molo 20
Capri Boat Service
Capri Boat Service
Capri Boat Service
Capri Boat Service
Capri Boat Service

Passion on the waves

  1. A boat tour around the island on a traditional gozzo boat
  2. Aperitivo cocktail at sunset by sea
  3. Gourmet boat tour: "Mare e gusto"


Porto di Marina Grande, Molo 20 - Capri
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Danilo, Marco, and Pierpaolo have a passion for the sea that is contagious and matched only by their love for the island of Capri. To share their enthusiasm with visitors, they founded Capri Boat Service: a boat rental service for tours by water, including around the island of Capri and tours that combine the island with other nearby sights.

Hop aboard their gozzo, the traditional boat used by island fisherman, and spend an unforgettable day at sea to fall in love with Capri and Capri Boat Service.

A “Must”: A Boat Tour of Capri

Choose your boat between the traditional gozzo or sporty rubber dinghy, and opt for a short tour of a few hours or an entire day at sea. Whatever you decide, just make sure you don't leave the island without having taken a boat tour of Capri with Capri Boat Service. Their aim is to make each and every tour an unforgettable experience.
With the classic island tour, you can visit the sea caves along the coast of Capri, including the most famous like the Blue Grotto, the White Grotto, and the Green Grotto and the little-known but equally beautiful hidden caves. You can also see the famous Faraglioni sea stacks and towering Punta Carena lighthouse by sea and stop in the quiet coves and bays to take a swim in the sea off Capri.

Looking for a touch of romance? As evening falls, toast with a cocktail with the magical island sunset as the backdrop.

Gourmet Sail

If you want a unique and delicious boat trip off Capri, choose the "Mare & Gusto" gourmet tours offered by Capri Boat Service.
You can combine a day at sea with a lunch or dinner at a waterfront restaurant along the island coast or a "Capri Picnic" featuring local specialties served directly on board!

Party at Sea

Music and fun on the waves: if you want a unique and exclusive way to celebrate a special birthday, hen or stag party, or other event with friends, organize a party at sea with Capri Boat Service. They'll take care of all the planning and logistics, from music to drinks. Let's party!

Guest reviews


Bad experience with this agency.

30 May 2024

I am not at all happy with this service They talked a lot during booking and did not get half of the service. They can neither guide nor show eve... more »


Wonderful experience

29 May 2024

wonderful experience! booking the trip, communication day prior and day off with the team made it an easy experience. Once on the boat, it was be... more »


Great experience!

27 May 2024

Such a fun trip! Great skipper, great service, super easy to communicate with the team. Had an amazing time!Such a fun trip! Great skipper, great s... more »


Capri boat tour!

27 May 2024

The boat ride was truly perfect! Our captain was personable, informative and really provided a wonderful experience. We would definitely recommend ... more »


The meeting point for Capri Boat Service is at pier 20 at the port of Capri in Marina Grande, also called the "Banchinella". This is where we board our gozzo boats, but if you prefer Capri Boat Service can come pick you up where you wish!

Porto di Marina Grande, Molo 20 - Capri

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