The Most Romantic Spots on Capri to Get Engaged

The seven most romantic spots on Italy's island of Capri to pop the question

The Most Romantic Spots on Capri to Get Engaged

Italy's island of Capri is one of the most romantic destinations in the Mediterranean, and couples from all across the globe come here to celebrate their destination wedding, exotic honeymoon, or an important anniversary. But before all that begins, how about asking for your sweetheart's hand in marriage on this breathtaking island? Nothing is more convincing than getting down on one knee against the backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea!

If you are considering popping the question while vacationing on Capri, here are some of the most intimate and romantic spots on the island to plan your surprise.


1. Punta Tragara Scenic Overlook

By Ourkindofescapes

This pretty overlook facing the dramatic Faraglioni sea stacks is rarely crowded, especially in the evening when most day trippers are headed back to the mainland. You can stroll there hand in hand in just minutes from the Piazzetta...

2. Punta Cannone Scenic Overlook

By Diego Buonanno

The view here is similar to that of the Gardens of Augustus, but much less crowded with tour groups so you won't have to ask for your loved one's hand surrounded by selfie-snapping travellers.

3. Under the Archway of the Faraglioni

By Gianni's Boat

You'll need the help of a local skipper for this suggestion! Book a boat tour on a traditional gozzo around the island of Capri and let your skipper know before you depart what you have planned. He'll slow down while you pass through the famous stone archway under these towering rock formations, so you'll have time to get down on one knee, ring in hand. You can also arrange to have musicians serenade from the sea grottoes along the coast, your proposal projected onto the cliffside, or a romantic picnic or sunset cocktails on board. The perfect skipper for an unforgettable surprise is Gianni's Boat

4. The Cetrella Hermitage

By Leonchrr

If you're looking for both privacy and gorgeous scenery, the Hermitage of Cetrella is the perfect spot. Take the chairlift to the top of Mount Solaro and then walk back down the mountain slope following the signs for the Eremo di Cetrella. Once you arrive at the pretty valley overlooking the Faraglioni and it's quiet chapel, stop for an intimate picnic for two...

5. The Punta Carena Lighthouse

By Nany Fusco

Lighthouses are always picturesque, and Capri's pretty lighthouse on the western coast of the island with a view of the sunset each evening is no exception. This is a truly magical spot as the sun sets over the water, and you can either sit in the small square right below the lighthouse above the cliffs, or climb down to the water's edge where there are a number of beach cafès for a drink (or a celebratory toast!).

6. Migliera Scenic Overlook

By Nicole Constantz

This is another quiet panoramic spot, largely unknown by the masses of tourists who visit the island each day. Not only is the overlook visited by just the odd walker and hiker, it also has a tiny amphitheater with a raised central platform for a particularly theatrical proposal. Feel the need to seal the deal immediately? You can hold your own symbolic ceremony just the two of you, as Pablo Neruda and his soulmate Matilda did decades ago.

7. The Terrace at the Hotel Caesar Augustus

If you are looking for the most scenic terrace on Capri, certainly the terrace at the Caesar Augustus tops the list. Perched directly above the sea and with a view stretching from the Bay of Naples to Salerno, including the coastline of Capri, the Amalfi Coast, and Vesuvius, this is ideal for a romantic cocktail or dinner for two, followed by a heartfelt proposal. For an extra-special touch, book the table on the "Pensatoio", a tiny balcony reserved for a single table and a dedicated waitstaff.


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