Marina Piccola

If you like the idea of spending a day on a beach with view of the Faraglioni, you'll love the pretty little bay of Marina Piccola: which lies directly opposite Capri's giant sea stacks.
On the sunny South side of the island, sheltered from the wind by a steep wall of rock, the bay is almost always warm. In fact, even in mid-winter you might easily spot the locals bathing in the sun (if not in the water!) here.

How to get to Marina Piccola

From the center of Capri you can reach Marina Piccola quickly and easily on foot, via the panoramic Via Krupp which starts just beneath the Gardens of Augustus, or via the old Via Mulo. If you don't want to walk, you can always catch a bus from the center of Capri instead.

In Marina Piccola, buses stop in the square close to the small Church of Sant'Andrea. A short flight of steps leads down to the beach and the Siren's rock where, legend has it, the Sirens seduced Ulysses.

Free beaches in Marina Piccola

There are two stretches of 'free' beach in Marina Piccola,both in the vicinity of the church: Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro. To get the most of the sun, you'll need to arrive early in the day: the sun leaves the bay at around 4pm.

There are a number of private beach clubs in Marina Piccola: