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Excursions by sea in Capri - Porto di Marina Grande. Meeting Point: Bar La Vela
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Vincenzo Capri Boats
Vincenzo Capri Boats
Vincenzo Capri Boats
Vincenzo Capri Boats
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Boat tours around the coast of Capri

Private boat tours and trips around Capri
Deluxe speedboat transfers
Private traditional gozzo boats and speedboats

Why choose Vincenzo Capri Boats in Capri

A boat tour is a must to truly experience Capri! With Vincenzo Capri Boats you can board a traditional gozzo boat or an elegant speedboat with skipper or opt for rubber dinghy rental to explore the island's coastline in complete freedom (you don't need a boating license).

Fun on the Seas

Choose between a classic island tour in the morning or a full day at sea and the type of boat you prefer and meet us at the convenient meeting point to set sail for an unforgettable experience at sea off the coast of Capri, including stops at the Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto, the Lighthouse, the Green Grotto, and Marina Piccola, with time to take a swim in the spectacular bays off Capri.

Boat trips and tours with Vincenzo Capri Boats only depart from Capri:

  • Tours by gozzo boat: from a quick trip around the island to a full day at sea
  • Speedboats for luxury boat trips and transfer from Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast
  • Dinghy rentals (no need for a nautical license) to be a skipper for a day

Comfort and Fun

The gozzo boats and speedboats chartered through Vincenzo Capri Boats are sailed by expert skippers who speak English and can share Capri's history and lore while you enjoy the beauty of the coastline.
Each boat has a padded sun deck and awning, beach towels, a fresh-water shower, and an ice chest with cold beverages in addition to snorkeling masks'''.
If you would like to have cocktail snacks or the traditional panino caprese with mozzarella and tomato, prosecco, wine, or even champagne on board, just ask!

Speedboat Transfers

You can also book speedboat transfers with Vincenzo Capri Boats, the fastest, most elegant, and most comfortable way to reach Capri from Naples or Sorrento, or from Positano, Amalfi, Praiano on the Amalfi Coast.

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Locations - How to get to Capri

All boat trips and tours depart from Capri and the meeting point is at Bar La Vela in Marina Grande to go to the Pennello pier together to board the boats where they are docked.


Vincenzo Capri Boats
Excursions by sea in Capri - Porto di Marina Grande. Meeting Point: Bar La Vela
+39 333 2663820

Vincenzo Capri Boats: boats

Departure from Capri

Full freedom and flexibility
Traditional wooden gozzo with awning
Expert English-speaking skipper


From € 600 € 650 Per boat | Max 5 passengers

Duration 6 ore

Vincenzo Capri Boats: all the options

Capri Private Gozzo Boat Tour for an Unforgettable Day

Departure from Capri

A boat tour of the Faraglioni and grottoes
Explore the coast of Capri
Stop to swim in the crystalline waters


From € 179 € 200 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 2 ore 3 ore 4 ore 6 ore

Departure from Capri

A private boat tour of Capri
Stops to swim, visits in the grottoes, and a sail under the Faraglioni
A traditional gozzo


From € 400 Per boat | Max 5 passengers

Duration 4 ore 6 ore

Departure from Capri

Cruise around Capri island
Stops to swim and snorkel
Time for lunch in Nerano


From € 700 € 800 Per boat | Max 5 passengers

Duration 6 ore

Departure from Capri

Rubber dinghy rental without skipper
No boating license required
Fuel included

Rubber dinghy

From € 250 Per boat | Max 4 passengers

Duration 4 ore 7 ore

Departure from Capri

The magic of sunset at sea
Prosecco for a twilight toast
Traditional wooden gozzo boat


From € 260 € 280 By boat | Max 5 people

Duration 2 ore

Private Boat Tour to the Faraglioni

Departure from Capri

Traditional gozzo boat
English-speaking skipper
Boat exclusively for you and your group


From € 120 € 150 Per boat | Max 5 passengers

Duration 1 hour

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