Private transfers from Rome and Naples to reach your hotel stress-free

Private transfers from Rome and Naples to reach your hotel stress-free

Private Transfers to Capri

Transfers from Rome to Capri (from €600)

Connections, bags, schedules...getting to Capri from Rome can be stressful!

The trip from Rome to Capri can be long and complicated: plan for at least 4 hours from when your flight lands, if you are lucky with all your connections.
From Rome Fiumicino, you have to take the Leonardo Express to the main Rome Termini station, then transfer to a different train to Naples. Once in Naples, you have to take a taxi or the metro to the port, and from there the ferry to Capri.

Since there are so many connections, it's hard to plan ahead. If you purchase your train tickets (keeping in mind that the least expensive tickets don't offer reimbursements for missed trains) and ferry tickets ahead of time, you need to make sure you don't miss those connections. Once you are at the Naples train station, you need to check if it makes more sense to go to the Calata Porta di Massa or Molo Beverello port in Naples for the next ferry to Capri, get a taxi or take the metro, buy tickets, find the right pier, and board. Basically, it's stressful and tiring, especially after a long flight!

If your flight arrives in the afternoon, your only option is to book a transfer with a private speedboat, otherwise you must spend the night in Rome or Naples before embarking for Capri.

With a private transfer including sedan or minivan with driver and luggage transport to the port in Naples, ferry or speedboat crossing, taxi and luggage transport to your hotel on, consider a cost of around €600 for up to 5 passengers, and a trip time of 3-4 hours.
For small groups of up to 8 people, the cost of a private transfer is not much higher than the combined cost of public transportation.

Transfers from Naples to Capri (from €130 pp)

Getting to Capri from Naples stress-free has never been easier!

Getting to Capri isn't that difficult: you just need to hop on a ferry. That said, it can end up being a long and stressful day, especially if you don't know Naples well and are arriving after a long flight with numerous bags, or in high season with its crowds and heat. Finding a taxi and the correct pier, waiting in line at the ticket office, and going through the long boarding process isn't relaxing even for locals, let alone those coming to the island for the first time!

The best option to make the crossing simpler is a private transfer. You can book either a car transfer with ferry crossing, or a car transfer with a speedboat crossing... both directly to Capri.

Private transfers include pick up at the Naples airport or train station, car or minivan transfer to the port, crossing by ferry or private speedboat, and transfer from Capri's port to your hotel. The trip takes about 2 hours.

If you are arriving in the late evening, it's the only way to get to Capri without having to stay the night on the mainland.

Helicopter Transfers (from €1,950)

The fastest and most scenic way to reach Capri from Rome or Naples is by far a helicopter. The Naples heliport is located inside the Capodichino airport and the flight time to Capri is about 30 minutes. Flights also depart from Rome and other locations across Italy. The average cost of a helicopter transfer between Naples and Capri is about €2,000.
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3 Reasons to Book a Private Transfer

  • From Rome, you need to make at least four connections to reach Capri

  • Hassle-free arrival and departure with no delays, lines to buy tickets, loading and unloading luggage, getting lost finding your hotel, and all the other stresses of using public transportation.

  • Choose a transfer via private speedboat our with a car service+ferry+taxi, including assistance along the way.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get to Capri from Naples?

By high-speed ferry: 50 minutes
By speedboat: 40 minutes
By helicopter: 20 minutes

If my hotel is located in a pedestrian area, how can I arrange a transfer?

Where possible, transfers are provided by taxi. However, many hotels in the center of Capri and Anacapri are in pedestrian areas, so the final let must be completed on foot. Your luggage will be transported directly to your hotel.

My flight lands in the late afternoon. How can I be sure to catch the last ferry?

Generally, you need to allow for at least an hour between your flight arrival time at the Naples airport and the ferry departure time for Capri; in normal traffic conditions, the drive between the Naples airport and Molo Beverello is 30 minutes. From the Rome airport to Naples, allow for at least 3 hours by car. Remember that the baggage reclaim at Fiumicino is notoriously slow.

What happens in case of rough seas?

If seas are so rough that boat crossings are suspended, our partners will advise you as soon as possible and help you find accommodations on the mainland; your transfer will be moved to the next day. It is extremely rare that crossings are suspended between April and October, as the sea conditions are generally calm during those months.