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Are you coming from Rome or Naples?
Here's how to arrange a transfer

Looking for the fastest stress-free arrival on Capri? Here you'll find all the fastest and most reliable private transfer services by car or speedboat to book directly online!
Private transfers 24/7.

from €90 per person


Full-Day, 40 HP Dinghy Rental on Capri

from € 450 Per boat | Max 5 passengers € 500 -10%

Duration 8 hours

  • Rent a rubber dighy and sail in complete freedom all day around the island of Capri.
Excellent (161)

Departure from: Capri

Water taxi Capri-Amalfi Coast (or vice versa)

from € 400

Duration 1 hour

Travel quickly and comfortably between the island and the mainland (or vice versa) on a traditional gozzo boat. Reliability and professionalism combined with friendly hospitality makes Antonello and the staff of Capri Island Tour the perfect choice for your holiday!

Excellent (223)

Departure from: Capri, Naples

Naples-Capri Speeboat Transfer

from € 650 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 1 hour

  • A private speedboat transfer with bathroom and cabin. Baggage transfer included in the price.
Excellent (77)

Departure from: Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Praiano

Speedboat Transfer Amalfi Coast-Capri

from € 600 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 1 hour

  • Luxury speedboat to Positano, Praiano, or Amalfi from Capri, or viceversa. Luggage transfer included and bathroom, cabin, and welcome drink on board.
Excellent (77)

Departure from: Capri, Sorrento

Sorrento-Capri Speeboat Transfer

from € 500 Per boat | Max 6 passengers

Duration 1 hour

  • A fast and convenient transfer via open speedboat with cabin and bathroom. Baggage included.
Excellent (77)

Departure from: Capri, Sorrento

Dinghy Transfer: Sorrento - Capri (or vice versa)

from € 380 Per boat | Max 8 passengers

Duration 1 hour

  • Choice of departure time
  • English-speaking skipper
  • Dinghy with padded sundeck
Excellent (77)

Departure from: Naples, Amalfi, Positano

Ferrari or Maserati Transfer Naples-Amalfi Coast

from € 199 Per vehicle | Max 3 passengers

Duration 2 hours (Night) 2 hours

  • Luxury Ferrari or Maserati
  • Expert driver
  • Maximum flexibility
Excellent (178)

Departure from: Capri

Private Speedboat Transfer Capri - Salerno

from € 900 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 1,000 -10%

Duration 1 hour

  • Fast, safe, and comfortable: our private speedboat transfer can get you between Capri and Salerno in just an hour! What are you waiting for?
Excellent (161)

Departure from: Capri, Rome, Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino Airport

Luxe Full-Service Transfer Rome-Capri: Itama+Mercedes

from € 1,300 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 1,300 -0%

Duration 3 hours

  • All-inclusive transfer from Rome to Capri (or vice versa): pick up at the Rome airport, train station, or hotel by Mercedes and transfer to Capri via luxury Itama speedboat.
Excellent (161)

Departure from: Capri

Transfer Capri - Ischia by Private Speedboat

from € 750 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 800 -6%

Duration 1 hour

  • Take a private speedboat and avoid the delays and crowd to reach your destination stress-free in 40 minutes with all the comforts!
Excellent (161)

Departure from: Capri, Naples

Dinghy Transfer: Naples - Capri (or vice versa)

from € 700 Per boat | Max 8 passengers

Duration 1 hour

  • Flexible departure time
  • Expert skipper
  • Dinghy with padded sundeck
Excellent (77)

Departure from: Naples, Sorrento

Transfer Naples-Sorrento via Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar

from € 110 Per vehicle | Max 3 passengers

Duration 1 hour (Night) 1 hour

  • Choose a Ferrari, Jaguar, or Maserati
  • Travel in style
  • Experienced driver
Excellent (178)

Departure from: Capri, Positano

Transfer Capri - Positano by Speedboat

from € 499 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 610 -18%

Duration 1 hour

  • Choose our private speedboat transfer between Positano and Capri and arrive in just 30 minutes in style and comfort!
Excellent (161)

Departure from: Amalfi, Positano, Rome

Ferrari or Maserati Transfer Rome-Amalfi Coast

from € 700 Per vehicle | Max 3 passengers

Duration 3 hours 3 hours (Night)

  • Stress-free luxury transfer
  • Deluxe sports car
  • Pick-up/drop-off in Amalfi or Positano
Excellent (178)

Departure from: Rome

Private transfer Rome - Positano

from € 465 Per vehicle | Max 8 passengers € 470 -1%

Duration 3 hours

  • Expert driver
  • No delays or crowds
  • Luxury Mercedes
Excellent (193)

Departure from: Naples, Ischia

Private Boat Transfer from Naples to Ischia

from € 800 Per boat | Max 7 passengers

Duration 2 hours

  • All-inclusive private transfer from Naples to Ischia and vice versa via private car + speedboat. Available 24 hours a day.

Departure from: Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Ischia

Private Transfer: Amalfi Coast to Ischia or vice versa

from € 800 Per boat | Max 7 passengers

Duration 2 hours

  • 24-hour private, all-inclusive boat transfers from Sorrento, Amalfi or Positano to Ischia (or return) with private car and speedboat.


Scooter Rental on the Amalfi Coast

from € 65 Per Scooter | Max 2 passengers

Duration 12 hours

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Action cam for great photos along the Amalfi Coast
  • No parking or traffic stress
Excellent (51)

Departure from: Capri, Amalfi

Transfer Capri - Amalfi by speedboat

from € 650 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 750 -13%

Duration 1 hour

  • Luxury speedboat transfer between Capri and Amalfi: avoid the crowds and delays and reach your destination in just 30 minutes!
Excellent (161)

Departure from: Capri, Sorrento

Transfer Capri - Sorrento

from € 599 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 700 -14%

Duration 1 hour

Just a 20 minute sail and you can reach Capri from Sorrento (or vice versa) in full comfort and style by luxury speedboat! Pick-up from your hotel in Sorrento or Capri, followed by a stress-free ride to the port where your private speedboat awaits!

Excellent (161)


Book a Transfer

What is the difference between the types of private transfers?
To get to Capri, you can book a number of different types of private transfers:
  • Private car + ferry + taxi to your hotel
  • Private car + private speedboat + taxi to your hotel
  • Private car + helicopter + taxi to your hotel
How does a private transfer including the ferry work?
A transfer by private car plus ferry is perfect for those who want assistance from the moment they arrive in Rome or Naples to the moment they arrive at their hotel on Capri. After a long flight (often overseas), it's not always easy to get your bearings to reach the port for ferry departures, purchase tickets, and wait in line. In this type of transfer, your driver meets you at the train station or airport and takes you directly to the port, assisting you with tickets and luggage and getting you on board the first ferry leaving for Capri.
Upon arrival on Capri, there is a hostess to meet you at the port, assist you to the taxi for your hotel, and accompany you on foot to the hotel entrance if it is located in the pedestrian center of Capri town.
How many passengers can a private speedboat take? And how much luggage?
Usually, a private speedboat can transport up to 6 passengers with one medium bag per person. If you have additional luggage, the transfer company will take care of sending it along separately.
What happens in case of rough seas?
If the seas are so rough that crossings between Naples and Capri are suspended, you will not be charged a penalty and you can choose to delay your transfer or reach Capri by public ferry.
I am arriving at the Naples airport too late to catch the last ferry. Can I book a night transfer?
Yes, all the transfer and rental companies offer transfers 24 hours a day.
Where do helicopters land on Capri?
Capri's heliport is located at Damecuta near Anacapri. A private car service can transport you from there to your hotel.
How many passengers can travel by helicopter?
Helicopters can fit a maximum of 6 passengers with a medium bag per person. Extra luggage will be sent along separately.
I need to travel between Capri and the Amalfi Coast. What are my options?
Ferries run between Capri and the Amalfi Coast from mid-April to mid-October, but only a few ferries run each day. The best way to travel is by private transfer, combining a tour of the island and a stop to swim with your transfer, while your bags are safely stored away below deck.

Renting a Scooter

Do I need a special license to rent a scooter on Capri?
No, all the rental scooters on Capri are 50 or 125 cc, so you do not need a license to drive a motorcycle.
Is it hard to drive a scooter for the first time?
If you have never driven a scooter before, we suggest you take a practice spin before your first time out on Capri! The island roads are very winding, so you need to have a bit of experience.
Can I park my scooter anywhere?
No, near the centers of Capri and Anacapri there are paid parking lots. Remember that much of the town center is pedestrian only, so not open to scooter traffic.
Can two passengers ride on the same scooter?
Yes, rental scooters on Capri can carry two people.
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