How Much Does a One or Two Night Stay Cost on Capri?

Planning a quick visit to Capri and don't know how much to budget? Here are some guidelines for one or two nights.

How Much Does a One or Two Night Stay Cost on Capri?

Capri has always been considered an expensive destination fit for luxury travel, but how much does a day on Capri actually cost?

Let's crunch the numbers: here are prices for transport, the main sights, and some entertainment and activities on Capri.


  • A round trip ferry ticket from Naples: EUR 45 for the high speed ferry, EUR 40 for the ferry, and EUR 28 for the slow ferry

  • A funicular/bus ticket: EUR 2 single ride

  • Chairlift for Mount Solaro: EUR 12 round trip, EUR 9 one way

  • Boat for the Blue Grotto: EUR 21 (purchase your ticket online)

  • Scooter rental: EUR 65 euro from 10am to 7 pm, (EUR 45 if you book your scooter online)

  • Taxi: from EUR 17 (Marina Grande to the Piazzetta) Taxi fares

Tourist Attractions

  • Blue Grotto: EUR 15*

  • Gardens of Augustus: EUR 1

  • Villa Jovis: EUR 4

  • Villa San Michele - Axel Munthe: EUR 8

  • Chiesa di San Michele: EUR 3

  • Charterhouse of San Giacomo: EUR 4

  • Casa Rossa: EUR 3.50

Many of these attractions are free for children under 18 and the first Sunday of the month.

(*) Tickets to enter the Blue Grotto must be purchased directly at the cave and are not included in the price of any boat tour of the island.)

Boat Tours

  • Organized public boat tours: EUR 21 (book your tour online)

  • Private boat tour with skipper: from EUR 200 for a two hour tour; from EUR 300 for a four hour tour

  • Private boat rental without skipper: from EUR 90 for two hours; from EUR 200 for all day

Restaurants, Caf├ęs, and Beaches

These are estimated prices to give you an idea of how much entertainment on Capri costs!

  • Sun lounger at a private beach club: from EUR 30

  • Gelato from Buonocore: from EUR 3

  • Panino caprese from the da Aldo deli: EUR 5

  • Aperitivo in the Piazzetta: EUR 15

  • 3 course dinner in a restaurant: from EUR 80

  • Dinner in a pizzeria: from EUR 20

  • Cover for the Anema e Core club: EUR 40

  • Drink in a nightclub: from EUR 15

A day on Capri with a boat tour of the island, a visit to the Blue Grotto and Villa San Michele, the chairlift for Mount Solaro, a panino and gelato costs about EUR 100 a person.

It will cost more or less the same if you decide to spend your day at a private beach club on Capri with lunch in a beachfront restaurant.

An evening out with an aperitivo, restaurant dinner, and cover in a nightclub will easily cost you EUR 150 a person. And that's how Capri got its reputation for being expensive!


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