Where to eat pizza on Capri

Guide to the best pizzerias on the island

Where to eat pizza on Capri

Where to eat pizza in Capri

If you're on the island of Capri, there's no need to take a hydrofoil all the way to Naples for an excellent Neapolitan pizza. Capri also has excellent pizzerias, some of which are locally founded and have been in business for decades, while others have opened more recently as "island" branches of historic Neapolitan pizzerias. Summer 2024 particularly stood out with three new pizzerias opened by famous Neapolitan pizza chefs, who couldn't resist the temptation to open a branch on the "blue island."

Here's our guide on where to enjoy the best Neapolitan pizza on the island of Capri, whether you're looking for traditional or a modern twist.

Concettina ai tre Santi

From the popular Sanità district of Naples, Concettina ai tre Santi is now also just a stone's throw from Capri's iconic Piazzetta. Pizza chef Ciro Oliva took his family pizzeria to international fame, making it a glamorous and fun place with equal attention on the quality of the pizza dough and ingredients. In Capri he put his island branch in the historic "Da Gemma" restaurant, relighting a medieval pizza oven. The menu features pizzas and fried appetizers to be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the sea. And another plus is you can book online!

Concettina ai Tre Santi Capri

Recommended pizza: “Sott’ e ngopp”, a fried pizza with sauce from Oliva, and of course the classic Margherita.
Address: Via Madre Serafina 6, Capri
Phone: +390818377223

a-Ma-re Capri

The new "seaside" venue of the Jumeriah Capri Palace hotel is located on the terraces of the Nettuno beach club, a stone's throw from the Blue Grotto. It boasts the collaboration of Franco Pepe, of "Pepe in Grani" pizzeria in Caiazzo, which is regularly included in the rankings of the best pizzerias and restaurants in the world. This place defines itself as a "signature pizza and seafood tavern." The menu includes 12 pizzas specially designed to emphasize the flavors of Capri and the Campania region, such as the Crisommola del Vesuvio or the Ananascosta pizza dedicated to Anacapri. Traditional Neapolitan seafood dishes are also on the menu, prepared in the kitchen led by chef Anna Vichi.

a-Ma-re Capri

Recommended pizza: The Margherita Sbagliata, a signature pizza by Franco Pepe, in which the tomato is added at the end of cooking to enhance the natural flavor of the Vesuvius tomatoes.
Address: Via Gradola , Anacapri (at the Nettuno beach club)
Phone: +390819780900

Vico Pizza and Wine

Gourmet pizzeria by master pizza chef Enzo Coccia, who also owns the pizzeria of the same name in Rome and the Neapolitan pizzerias La Notizia 53 and La Notizia 94. The new restaurant on Capri is housed in the gardens of the Hotel La Residenza. It recalls the same style and philosophy of the Roman branch, with gourmet pizzas paired with wines and cocktails in an elegant setting. The star of the show is the pizza dough, characterized by over 24 hours of leavening combined with Mediterranean ingredients.

Vico Pizza and Wine

Recommended pizza: "In fondo al Mar," with curly endive, orange, fennel, Cetara anchovies, Mediterranean red tuna fillets in oil, and black olives from Gaeta.
Address: Via F. Serena, 22, 80073 Capri NA
Phone: +390818370833

Francuccio Capri

The eclectic Italian-American chef Frank Prisinzano took over the premises of the historic "L'Approdo" restaurant in Marina Grande, creating a pizzeria/restaurant next to the tourist dock where luxury yachts land.

Recommended pizza: The "montanaro" a fried pizza stuffed with salami
Address: Piazzetta Angelo Ferraro 8


This pizza restaurant, popular with both locals and tourists, is always guaranteed to please. It's also open in winter for both lunch and dinner. It offers pizza as well as traditional pastas, fish, and meat dishes. It's located in the center and the prices are reasonable.


Recommended pizza: The "pizza bianca al profumo di limone"
Address: Via Lo Palazzo 25, Capri
Phone: +390818370944


This is another historic pizzeria and it boasts a panoramic terrace. It offers both pizza as well as traditional dishes and is open at lunch and dinner.

Panorama - Ristorante Pizzeria

Recommended pizza: The "pizza panorama," with red and yellow cherry tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, oregano and garlic
Address: Via Lo Palazzo 2, Capri
Phone: +390818375290

Buca di Bacco

Buca di Bacco: A historic pizzeria that's been open for more than a century, just steps from the Piazzetta.

Buca di Bacco

Recommended pizza: The “sfilatino”, a calzone with ricotta, mozzarella, and salami.
Address: Via Longano 35, Capri
Phone: +390818370723

Pinseria Tre Farine

La Pinseria Tre Farine: Recently opened in the Piazzetta, this pinseria quickly gained popularity with its pinse, which are soft and crunchy focaccia pizzas made with three different types of flour.

Recommended pizza: The Roman-style "pinse": amatriciana, gricia, and cacio e pepe.
Address: Via Longano 5, Capri
Phone: +390812597822

Da Giorgio

This restaurant and pizzeria is just steps from the Piazzetta with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Naples. It specializes in fish-based dishes but also serves a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza.

Da Giorgio

Recommended pizza: The mixed-seafood (frutti di mare) pizza
Address: via Roma 34
Phone: +390818370898

Da Aurora

When it comes to pizza we have to mention the famous “pizza all’acqua." This is a patented recipe that contains more water than flour, as well as an abundant dose of chili pepper. Aurora isn't a pizzeria but rather a gourmet restaurant. The pizza all'acqua is served here as an appetizer.


Recommended pizza: The pizza all'acqua
Address: Via Fuorlovado, 18 Capri NA
Phone: +390818370181

Aumm aumm

Aumm Aumm: This is another historic pizzeria that locals love. It's open for lunch and dinner and also has a few tables outside on a patio with lemon trees.

Aumm aumm

Recommended pizza: Margherita with homemade pesto
Address: Via Caprile, 18, 80071 Anacapri NA
Phone: +39 081 837 3925

Casa Orlandi

Casa Orlandi: In the center of Anacapri you'll find this bar/restaurant, where the majority of the ingredients used come directly from the family's garden. In addition to pizzas, Casa Orlandi also offers fried appetizers such as arancini and crocchè, the traditional Caprese salad, and other local specialties.

Recommended pizza: The pizza "Casa Orlandi”, a traditional Marinara pizza with a modern twist, topped with San Marzano tomatoes and raw "pacchetelle" (unpeeled Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes in oil), olives, capers, and anchovies.
Indirizzo: Via Orlandi, 12, 80071 Anacapri NA
Telefono: +390814249619