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Amazing Capri Tour - Nerano by Night

Nerano by Night

A private transfer from Capri to Nerano for a romantic dinner in this picturesque fishing village. We set sail at sunset and return by moonlight for an unforgettable evening!

By Amazing Capri Tour

Validade da oferta:

Dal 7 Abril 2018 al 31 Outubro 2018 (Todos os dias)

O que inclui

  • Private transfer
  • Departure from Capri at 6:30 pm
  • Welcome drink
  • Sail to Punta Campanella
  • Drop off at your chosen restaurant
  • Return to Capri after dinner

O que NÃO inclui

  • Dinner: you can choose the restaurant of your choice, or ask me for a recommendation. In either case, you must book ahead of time, so let me know if you need me to take care of reservations.
  • Aperitivo on board: I can arrange for a cocktail and snacks on board, so you can enjoy them while the sun sets over the sea.

Informações adicionais

The village of Nerano is located on the point of the Amalfi Coast just opposite Capri and is famous for its seaside restaurants and its signature "spaghetti alla Nerano", pasta tossed with zucchine.

By Amazing Capri Tour

Paolo Ramo


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Nerano by Night

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